5 minutes to Happy

10 things you can do
in less than 5 minutes
to feel happy

10 things you can do in less than five minutes to feel happy Woman Smiling

You don’t have to be unhappy to want to have a little happiness boost, everyone can do something little in less than 5 minutes to feel happy.

  1. Smile & Laugh Simply smile at people, even strangers, or find something to genuinely laugh at. You can always fake it ’til you make it.
  2. Pick up a Pen Write it down – make a to do list, purge your thoughts or feelings, book an appointment for something that will make you happy and write it in your calendar. Or be creative and do some adult colouring in, draw a doodle.
  3. Listen to Music You can probably just squeeze in 2 songs into your 5 minutes so pick your favourites and feel the energy boost. If you are musical you can pick up and play your guitar, piano, saxophone, triangle. Let yourself get completely lost in the beat.
  4. Pour a Drink Brew a cup of tea, pull an espresso shot, guzzle some water, make a mocktail, whizz up a fresh juice, pour a wine. Maybe it is the act of making the drink, maybe it is the caffeine, nutrition, hydration, alcoholic content that makes you happy.
  5. Fresh Air & Sunshine Getting outside and soaking up some fresh Co2 and boosting your vitamin D will give you that feel happy buzz nearly every time.My list of 10 things 5 minutes feel happy
  6. Read Something A blog, magazine, book, Facebook, Pinterest – the trick is to make sure it is something that brings you joy – if you get caught up by FOMO then don’t do social media; the news is often depressing; work emails are boring.
  7. Plan a Project Having something to look forward to is always exciting, or if it isn’t, at least it is something that makes good productive use of your time. Use your five minutes to choose what your project will be – to build a pizza oven, to crochet a scarf, to clean out the garage, to learn guitar, to finally sort out your photo albums – ignite some passion.
  8. Pamper Yourself Make yourself feel pretty by doing a quick hair treatment, paint your nails, put on a bit of make-up, do a home face mask, slather on some moisturiser and massage your hands.
  9. Get Active Move your body anyway you can: have a quick walk, do some stretches, strike a couple of yoga poses, dance.
  10. Make Someone Else Happy Use your five minutes to talk to a friend, send a card, give a hug, share something (some baking, a funny video, this post). It always makes you feel good to do something nice for someone else, happiness is contagious and it will come back to you ten fold.

10 things you can do in less than five minutes to feel happy Woman Funny Face

Do you know what is even better than taking just five minutes to do one of these simple things? If you can combine them to create a 5 minute hat trick – have a cup of tea, in the sunshine, while you read a book.

10 things you can do in less than 5 minutes to feel happy

I want to know, what do you do – what makes you happy?
What else can we do in less than 5 minutes to feel happy? 

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