Bakers Twine Ideas

Ultimate Guide to Bakers Twine Ideas

Pretty much everyone has some bakers twine laying around the house somewhere. Whether you have a considerable stash in your craft box, a small roll in your top drawer or maybe a few scraps left over from a gift wrapping – it is somewhere. I find Bakers Twine is really useful to have on hand and there are just so many things you can do with it. But sometimes it is hard to think beyond the obvious with it. So, with the help of Pinterest, I have compiled my ultimate list of bakers twine ideas.

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The Ultimate List of Bakers Twine Ideas

Bakers Twine for Baking

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. You can bake with it, make your baking pretty and wrap baking up as gifts. Instant street cred for your cooking skills!

Bakers Twine Tassels Pom Poms

Mini Pom Poms and Tassels are just so cute! I am fighting every urge not to have a house full of little pom poms at the moment.

Bakers Twine Wrap Stuff 2 Bakers Twine Wrap Stuff

You can wrap just about anything with bakers twine – small wooden shapes, vases, lamp bases, jars, branches, candle holders, Christmas Baubles … nothing is safe!

Bakers Twine Party

I think that Bakers Twine must just be made for Parties. Pick a colour to match your theme and then use it as balloon string, cake topper bunting, on the invites, to tie spoons to individual serving dishes, to wrap cupcakes in, wrap wine glass stems in it and your cutlery, wrap the thank you gifts with it, should I keep going?

Bakers Twine Light it Up

Light up your Bakers Twine and make some simple lanterns to dazzle your friends. They are a whole lot easier than they look. Or keep it simple and wrap some votive candle holders or use it to make a nice pattern on the outside of tall glass candle holders.

Bakers Twine Map

Track your adventures on a map with pins and bakers twine. I found this great one of someone planning out their days at Disneyland but I think it would work just as well on a larger scale too. And would make a great keepsake to hang on the wall and display your travels.

Bakers Twine Book Binding Ideas

Book Binding! I didn’t realise this was a thing but it looks so pretty and I have it on my list of things to make and do. Check out Pinterest because there are some really intricate designs that people make.

Bakers Twine Bracelets

Bakers Twine Jewellery is cheap and fun and looks great. I am sure your imagination is your only limitation here, but I have mostly just seen bracelets and I think they are really quite sweet and I plan on making some wish bracelets with my girls during school holidays.

Bakers Twine Wrap Gifts Bakers Twine Cards

This is one of the more obvious and probably most widely used uses but Bakers twine makes your gift giving so much more, not only is it really pretty but it shows that you have put some effort and creativity into wrapping the gift. And do you know what, sometimes, a pretty handmade card is gift enough.

Bakers Twine Craft Bakers Twine Craft Ideas

Get Crafty with your bakers twine and make a Stamp, do some crochet, tie it into loopy flowers, stitch patterns, or make a basket (great for Easter!). Making a string art board is very popular with people doing love hearts, names, your country or state or just pretty patterns. You could even profess your bakers twine love by making some cute mini magnet spools.

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All of these ideas, and more because I can’t help myself, can be found on my Pinterest board, I’d love for you to follow along. If you want to get instructions on making any of these things just follow the link from my Pinterest board to the original tutorial.

Twine 15 Colour Set

If you desperately need some pretty Bakers Twine so you can get on to some of these ideas I am selling twine packages in my shop. I just ask for a little understanding as I deal with some technical glitches that are making it all very un-pretty at the moment.

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