Christmas Baking

Christmas time brings with it a fridge full of delicious sweet treats in my house. I love to bake up a heap of different treats which we then share with family and friends and it takes about a month to devour it all. At the beginning of the Christmas period I stock up on cocoa, chocolate, brown sugar, condensed milk, coconut and butter. Then we work our way through it all. Here is what we baked this year – get out your notepad and get organised for next year.

Iced Cake

This Christmas I have baked my very first Christmas cake filled with a Sailor Jerry soaked Fruit Cake and covered in white fondant.

Coat in coconut

We always make chocolate coconut balls and even a few rum balls are hidden in the back of the fridge for the adults to sneak in after bedtime.

Mars Bar Slice

Then there is the gooey Mars Bar Slice which you only eat a small amount of once you know what goes into it. Yum!

Choc Mint Slice

Then there is the new peppermint chocolate fudge slice. Yes, that’s right, all sorts of goodness in this one and it is amazing! I’ve always done the traditional mint slice but this one might be my new favourite.

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men are more for the fun of the decorating than anything else.

And my husband follows his Aunt’s recipe for shortbread which comes from her Scottish husband’s side of the family.

Yes, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without all of the sweet treats! What does your family have at Christmas time?

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