DIY Paper Pinwheels

DIY Paper Pinwheel

These DIY paper pinwheels are a simple and cheap craft you can make yourself that the kids will have endless fun with. You can use whatever you have laying around or design and print something like I did to match a party theme. This is a good activity for rainy days or outside days, play dates or like I did, party favours.

1. Collect paper

I printed out a sheet of my party pattern, a rainbow chevron, on paper that is slightly thicker than your standard copy paper to give it more durability but enough give in it to bend without creasing. Just ask your local copy shop for about 140gsm card.

You can use whatever you have laying around, depending on how durable you want your pinwheel to be.

2. Cut your paper

Cut your card or paper into squares. It is up to you how big or little you want them, mine were 10cm squares. Mark the centre of the square. You want to try to be as exact as you can with this so that your wheel spins properly. From each corner cut towards the centre mark but stop about 15mm short.

DIY Paper Pinwheel Cutting

3. Collect your handle and attachments

For the handle I used small dowel rods from the craft shop but you could use anything like a kitchen skewer, a strong straw, a paddle-pop stick, anything you have.

You then need to choose something to attach them. After a bit of experimenting we used a pin with a pearl head on it and a bead and straw to give the paper room to spin and a flower sequin to add a bit of sparkle.

DIY Paper Pinwheel Attachments

4. Assemble your pinwheel

Pull each corner of your square into the centre mark so that they overlap slightly and hold them together with a small piece of sticky tape placed over the top of everything.

Pinwheel Straw

Thread the bead and sequin onto your pin and push it through the exact centre of your pinwheel from front to back. Thread on a small piece of straw (about 3mm) behind the pinwheel to help separate it from your stick allowing it to spin freely. Push the pin into the top of your dowel stick to secure it and then bend it forward at a right angle.

DIY Paper Pinwheel Assembly

And that’s it. Make enough for everybody and have fun watching them spin and twirl. Add some glitter to watch the sparkle in the sun, glue feathers to the tips to have them tickle you, get creative and release your inner child.

DIY Paper Pinwheels


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