Friday Favourite: Inked in Colour

My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

The thing I love about Inked in Colour is that there is no bullshit and that is awesome because it is all about being real and loving it. Here is Sash, keeping it real and sharing her five favourite things.

All things Communal

My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

I’m a long time advocate for all things communal. Communal living. Communal bonding. Building strong grass roots projects that are motivated by one thing and one thing alone: people are meant to be together. I love communal gatherings where skills are shared and stories are told. I love communal meals. I love knowing my neighbours and walking through the rain with a hot butter cake and a bag of mandarins under my arm to thank them for mowing my lawns and bringing in my bins and looking out for us.

We all know that saying ‘it takes a village,’ when it comes to raising children… but I believe it takes a village when it comes to everything – it’s the key to being human. Things are better together.

Alone Time

My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

Living a life steeped in community work can be tricky at times for an outgoing introvert like myself. As much as I love to bring people together and grow inclusive communities I also really like to be alone. To ensure I am balanced and I don’t burn out my time alone is not just a favourite of mine, it’s a necessity. My favourite way to be alone is in nature. On a hike through the sand dunes or in the forest. I walk in the pines. If I can’t get away for a few hours (which let’s face it, is most of the time), I spend my time alone in vastly different ways.

A tea meditation, an underwear dance party in the kitchen, a Netflix hit complete with a tumbler of tea and a big fat piece of cake or the ever elusive nap on the couch – time spent alone is time well spent, don’t you think?


My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

I know I’m stuck in a rut if I can’t put words on a page. I know my creativity is waning if I don’t even reach for my camera. Giving myself the space to be creative, to create not just for a deadline, not just for a paycheque but for no other reason than just to create. When I was growing up we had an art room in our house, where my mother used to teach creative arts classes to local kids after school. There were always tubs of clay and trays of paint. By the time we were in primary school my brothers and sisters and I had more or less free reign on the art supplies – I remember sitting in that back room as a ten year old, all alone, late at night and for hours on end, sculpting things out of clay, writing stories, reading novels – I’d never been more ‘me’.

Nothing much has changed. I still stay up too late, creating things into the early hours of the morning. I don’t sculpt much with clay anymore – now I sculpt with words, blending on into another until a story appears in the dark of night.

The Little Things

My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

It’s always the little things isn’t it?

The little seeds sprouting into seedlings we will plant that will grow into food for our future. The muddy boots at the front door. The dinosaur in the shower. The smile from a stranger. The hot cup of tea after a long day at work. The laugh of a three year old. The smell of jarrah burning on the fire and warming our toes. The sound of a song long forgotten. The smell of fresh flowers. Dirt under your nails. New friends. Old friends. The smell of the summer sun at the first light of day. Soft flannel sheets on a cold winters night. The crunch of an apple straight from the tree.

It’s never the big stuff that mean the most. Not in the end. It’s the series of little things, one after another, that make life such a beautiful thing.

My Family

My Friday Favourite guest Inked in Colour  shares her top five favourite things

We might not have the big family that I used to dream of, the crowd of little kids, the person by my side, the noise and the dishes and the laughter and the constant company of people that were all mine… the kind of family I had dreamed of during the long Indonesian summers of my pregnancy not knowing how things would change. Our family isn’t what I dreamed of, but it is something worth dreaming for. A family of two, small and connected and in sync with each other our laughs the mirror image of the other, our words intertwined. Family is a funny thing, even without the deep connection of extended relatives we still sit in a larger family made up of friends and neighbours and families that are not quite ours but are still part of us all the same.

My little Bo and I, walking through the ups and downs with hand in hand – perhaps the smallest of families, but we make up for it with the biggest of hearts and the craziest of laughs.

My Friday Favourites guest Inked in Colour Sash

Thank you so very much Sash, this is so beautifully written and is exactly what I love about #myfridayfavourites. I am in total blissful awe of your list and am going to just sit back and bask in it for a while. If you haven’t checked out Sash’s blog yet you really should make the time, Inked in Colour is a wonderful representation of joy in life.

What is on your #myfridayfavourites this week? 
Is it the little things? 

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