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Friday Favourite Kelly Exeter Writing

Kelly is a writer, an editor, a designer and a mother. With so much happening in her life Kelly blogs about living ‘a life less frantic’ and how we can stop embracing the busy and actively create more space in our lives. Kelly has even published a book titled ‘Your Best Year Yet’. I love Kelly’s honesty and practical advice she gives on her blog ‘A Life Less Frantic by Kelly Exeter’. Without further a do here is Kelly’s top five favourite things at the moment.

My little family

I love them so hard and so deeply it scares the crap out of me sometimes and the one great tension in my life is finding the ‘balance’ between achieving the things I want to achieve while still having the time and energy to be present for them.

Friday Favourite Kelly Exeter Family


It’s crucial for my mental health, it’s crucial for my creativity … and it’s a key outlet for the ‘striver’ in me. So those are three pretty big ticks for running right there! Funnily enough, I never get the ‘runner’s high’ that other people speak of. But I do get a very definite sense of wellbeing and calm that persists throughout the day once I’ve gone for a run in the morning. And I definitely notice the absence of that calmness on the days I haven’t run!

Friday Favourite Kelly Exeter Running Paris


I’ve been a voracious reader my whole life and I use reading for three things:

  1. Escapism – sometimes I really need to get away from the real world and for this reason I love fantasy. I love immersing myself in imaginary worlds that are far, far removed from this one that we live in. My husband sometimes accuses me of wanting to live in a bubble but you know what? I like my bubble!
  2. Learning – my INFJ personality is one that (ironically, given the above) desperately wants to better understand both myself and the world I live in better. So I will read pretty much any genre or topic that facilitates this.
  3. Relaxation – I read for at least 30 minutes every night before I go to bed. It quietens my brain enough to let me fall asleep!

Friday Favourite Kelly Exeter Reading


My brain never stops whirring away and the only way I can make sense of all thoughts tumbling around in there is to get them down on paper. I love how writing helps me clarify what I actually think about things. I love how it helps me make sense of the world. And I most love how it allows me to connect with others. I am horribly shy and it takes me ages to feel completely at ease in the company of new people. Writing allows me to be the person I wish I was in real life!

Friday Favourite Kelly Exeter Writing FlyingSolo


My work

I recently saw a competition recently where the first prize was that it would pay your salary for a year so you could have a year to do whatever you wanted to do. And I thought to myself “but I would still want to work!”

I love my job (Editor at I love working in the background of our business on marketing and strategy. And I love writing. I realise I am very fortunate to be in this position … but it’s a position I’ve worked very hard to put myself in over the past five or so years. So I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy it!

Share with us, what is on your #myfridayfavourites list this week?

Thank you Kelly for sharing your Friday Favourites. I haven’t been for a run in weeks because of my asthma playing up but I’m with you on the reading, I even did a post on all of the books I have been reading recently. And I am striving to be where you are, happy to work at my job. Please stop by A Life Less Frantic by Kelly Exeter and say hello.

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