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Kid Bucket ListThis week for My Friday Favourites guest I have Leah who created the Kid Bucket List. Leah started off in 2014 because she wanted to share her adventures with her parents interstate and keep track of her Bucket List items. Word got out and her friends and family started seeking out her site for tips for their own travel excursions. What evolved is a little different than your average travel blog. The Kid Bucket List is resource for parents who want to experience more with their kids. Let’s see what made Leah’s top five list.

Kid Bucket List Leah

Family is the most important thing in life. Being a mother and wife provides me with endless opportunities to be a better me. Through the eyes of my children, I get to re-experience and capture moments from a very different perspective. Better yet, I get to share those moments of curiosity, optimism and excitement with my best friend, T.

Favourite Things - family

There are five things that I think help me to be the best mother and partner I can be. They help me to centre myself, be passionate about life and to reframe even the lowest of moments so I can see the lesson. Here are a few of my favourite things:

Favourite Things -Trips

1. Travel

I’ve watched both my son and daughter develop a love of travel through the excursions and trips we’ve made as a family. We snatch moments to make the most out of our evenings, the weekends and our holidays. Travel makes me happy and ensures my sanity. It helps me to rationally detach from my high-pressure job and to connect with my family. Planning, doing, experiencing….it provides a rush. It’s my addiction.

2. Reading

The written word provides comfort, news, facts, escape, calmness, and sometimes, longing. When I first arrived in Sydney, my car was loaded with a suitcase of clothes and four crates of books. I had left everything else in storage but couldn’t part with my books. Getting lost in a good book is bliss. Looking for one at the moment? I recommend a new Aussie novel Relativity By Antonia Hayes.

Favourite Things - Kids

3. Teaching

I’m one of the rare travel bloggers who has no intention of giving up my day job. I’ve been a teacher for just over 16 years now (gosh, saying that makes me feel old!) and l still love heading to school each day. I work in a very specialized field within education and need to be on my toes. Whilst often exhausting, it is highly rewarding and the perfect excuse to frequent Officeworks!

Favourite Things - Food

4. Food

Someone once told me that there are two types of people in this world: those that eat to live and those that live to eat. I’m the later as my waistline would attest. I should put it out there and note that I don’t really cook, T does most of that. When it comes to food, I am passionate about introducing my kids to a wide range of different cuisines and encourage them to try first before refusing. Our adventures often lead us to experiment when we are out and about.

5. Mail

I still get excited about checking the mail which is, more often than not, muted by the realization that I’m more likely to have bills swarming the letter box. Earlier this year my son started writing to a new penpal in Canada – the son of MY penpal who I had written to from the age of sixteen. I think I was most excited. I love a handwritten note in the mail or a care package. Snail mail shows someone cares.

My Friday Favourite guest Leah from Kid Bucket List with her top five

Thanks so much for joining in My Friday Favourites Leah, this is a great list. Be sure to check out Kid Bucket List and say hello to Leah. I love getting little brown paper packages in my mail, it is one of the best feelings!!

Share with us, what is on your #MyFridayFavourites list this week?
What did the mailman bring you this week?

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