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My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of JoyThis week I have the absolute pleasure of having Lisa Humphries as my guest for My Friday Favourites. Lisa is a passionate Mother, blogger (the art of joy), professional fundraiser, event manager and volunteer for many causes close to her heart. I love Lisa’s perspective for her favourite things and am really pleased to share them with you. 

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy

My Favourite thing in life is GIVING!

Making a difference, sharing the real stories that shine a light in the darkness for others in need, raising future givers and encouraging kindness.

My 5 Favourite Ways to Give and Make a Difference:

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


Our children are the future, we have the incredible power as parents to influence the way that the world is going to look and feel. It is our responsibility to shape a more giving, kind, and compassionate future! It is such a gift to have this influence, grab it with all of your heart and soul! My favourite thing to do is lead by example, talk to my precious little man about charity, involve him in choosing the causes we support and encourage him to embrace the beauty of kindness and giving. I have done this since he was born, he has just turned 6 and the way that he understands charity and giving makes me incredibly proud!

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


I harp on about this on my blog, a lot! I am unapologetic about the power of giving, and the fact that I believe you should be giving more. It is one of my favourite things to do in life, donate to charity. It does not need to be a huge amount, if you can afford to buy yourself a coffee, you can afford to donate to charity. It is honestly one of the most amazing things to do in life, spend some time regularly looking into the causes that you care about, looking at the ways you can donate and making a difference. Every dollar counts!

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


My life and career skills are abundant, and one of my favourite things to do is give them away! As well as making donations to charity, your time and your talents are hugely valuable too. Just to give you a little context, in case you are thinking there is no way you have time to volunteer .. I’m a single Mamma, I work in Fundraising for a wonderful charity, I am studying this year, I blog every second day, I post on social media for my blog and charity more than 5 times a day, I read, exercise, do school drop offs and pick ups, run a tight tidy household, have a good social life, visit family often, make school lunches, cook, clean, do laundry .. you get the picture! I also volunteer some of my time to support several small charities. It is needed and it is possible to fit this into the busiest lives, the more you give, the more you get!

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


My blog is a sacred space, aimed at sharing the life lessons of mine that can empower and heal others. It has been the most amazing thing, starting a blog and discovering this world! Spending time on my blog is by far one of my favourite things! I approach my blogging as a way of giving and serving, of adding something positive, real and beautiful to the world. It is also a way for me to further support charity by offering my voice for good.

My Friday Favourite gest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


Living with heart, and always choosing kindness is at the core of everything I do. It is absolutely my favourite way to live a life that is focused on giving and JOY. Everything else flows in this way if you choose authenticity. It is so much more than random acts of kindness, although they are a favourite too! It is about the energy that I choose to put out into the world, and the way this makes me feel, and the impact it has on others. It is so true that what you put out into the world is what comes back to you, put more kindness, compassion, generosity and love and this is what your life will naturally be filled with!

My Friday Favourite guest Lisa Humphries The Art of Joy


Thank you so much for sharing your favourite things with us Lisa, I am truly inspired by your philanthropy and am keen to get involved with charity more. In fact, I have already started conversations with a charity that I want to support and hope to be able to get my blogging community involved in this very soon. I am also a big believer in teaching our children about giving and regularly talk with my own daughters about compassion for others and the significance of giving. If you haven’t already, please do stop by The Art Of Joy and say hello to Lisa Humphries. 

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