Friday Favourites: Kimba Likes

Today I have the effervescent Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes sharing her top 5 favourite things. Though due to wonderful technology troubles (we have all been there) her site is having a bit of a glitch, so be sure to follow her on some sort of social media like Facebook or Instagram until all is good in the world again.  If you don’t know this lovely lady, she blogs about her passion for retro fashion as well as family frivolity.
Kimba Likes My Friday Favourites

My Blokefolk

I’m married to the Welshman and Mama to our darling Boyo, our 10 year old son.  They really are the reason I get up every single morning.  I love nothing more than just hanging out with my gorgeous Blokefolk.  I just love watching Boyo grow and his journey into manhood.  He has the best role model to take inspiration from.  He’s kind and gentle and generous and big hearted and funny and beautiful … just like his Dad.

Bunny Bros

Over the last six years, we’ve welcomed some little fluffy dudes into our lives.  First came our fluffy black mini lop Bolt Monsieur Lapin Princess Fluffybum, followed four years later by a rescue bunny, Mr Bunsy.  Mr Bunsy was a special needs dwarf rabbit, white with brown ears and tail and an ironic hipster (or is that hopster?) moustache.  Both Bolt and Mr Bunsy have passed away.  A few months ago, we adopted two wee Netherland dwarf rabbits, whom we named Lord Carrot and Bowie Bonbon.  They’re just adorable and our house feels like a home again with bunnies bouncing around the back garden.

Latte Love

I can only drink decaf but the sheer comfort of a good latte feels as though it is fully locked and loaded and caffeinated to the eyeballs.  I’ve perfected the art of the home made latte – although my latte art is still very much a work in progress!  The bonus of decaf? I can have one at 11pm and still sleep like a baby.

Retro Cute Hairbows

I do love an accessory or three.  I’m not fully dressed without an arm party and lipstick.  My accessory-loving heart really belongs to a hairbow though.  My favourite hairbows are tied vintage souvenir silk scarves, but wraps, headbands, hairpins and twist bands get a good look in too.

Garden like a Granny

I adore a good potter in my back garden.  My current green obsession is succulents and cacti. I’m partial to bromeliads and cordylines too.  Basically, plants that look good year around, don’t need a lot of love and are self-propagating!  My garden trowel is always close to hand. The Bunny Bros like to assist my gardening efforts by kindly digging up plants.  Aren’t they sweet!


Thank you for joining in My Friday Favourites Kim-Marie. I am not-so-quietly jealous of your bunnies but as the massive billboard on the Queensland border states, I will get a $40,000 fine if I decide to have these little fluff bums as a pet. When I asked if Kimba Likes is set to return to us soon Kim-Marie told me “Kimba Likes is experiencing more issues than Vogue at the moment. Fingers and toes crossed and a pinch of fairy dust for next week!  Plus an AMAZEBALLS giveaway to celebrate the return!” I for one am very excited and cannot wait to see your site return.

Share with me, what’s on your #myfridayfavourites list this week? 

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