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Recognise this cheeky face? This is the face behind the wonderful blog Have a Laugh on Me. Emily is more than just a cranky mum to three cheeky souls; she’s a writer, journalist, content writer and nagging wife who tries not to worry about the ‘what ifs’! Her blog is always honest, often humorous and never boring, head over and have a laugh at her expense. In the meantime, find out what Emily had to tell me for her Friday Favourites list. 


I could prattle on about my five favourite things but most of you already know I love my family, a laugh, a tipple, writing, pashing and the beach. Yes that’s six I know, I’m also not very good at doing what I’m told!

To make my favourites list more interesting for you dear readers I’m going to reveal five sayings that I have made up. Sure they’re not earth shatteringly unique but they’re simple, just like me.

If you follow my Facebook page you’ll know I’m a die-hard fan of quirky, silly or serious quotes and sayings. They give me little perspective and laughter, two things I love to get plenty of.

Have a laugh on me Friday Favourite image 11. Too often bloggers, including myself, get caught up on stats, follows and comments. We all need to just cool our jets a bit and write to keep our souls happy.

Have a laugh on me Friday Favourite Image 2

2. I nearly lost my sanity when I had 3 kids in 3.5 years but it’s helped to make me a better person, we’re all slightly unhinged in some way and that’s okay!

Have a laugh on me Friday Favourite image 33. Not everyone will like you, heck some people will think you’re a dick or a pain in the rear, but don’t let that affect the way you live your life! As soon as you realise you can’t control the way someone else reacts or feels the happier your life will be.

Have a laugh on me Friday Favourite Image 44. We all have something useful to say and you have to believe in the power of your own writing. If one person is affected by what you have to say then it’s worth it.

Have a laugh on me Friday Favourite Image 55. Self doubt is one of the biggest killers of dreams. There will always be someone quick to put you down but don’t own it, it’s their beef, let them carry the burden.

Are you a sucker for sayings? Got a good one you care to share?
Should I start writing for Hallmark?

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This list of five quotes from Emily is exactly why I follow her blog  and why I think you should too. As if you don’t already! Thanks Emily for getting involved in My Friday Favourites and sharing your awesomeness with us all. Share your thoughts and join in #myfridayfavourites below or on any social media. 

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