How to have a balanced life

how to live a balanced life with 3 key things to focus on

We are all juggling lots of different commitments in our lives, more often than not too many. As the year is coming to an end we are trying to fit as much as we can into our calendars, there is a rush to get it all done and you can see people getting more and more frazzled as we try to juggle all our balls. I know I am and my balanced life is starting to look a little off kilter.

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I have already started to look ahead and forward plan for next year. Soon we will all be making new years resolutions (or whatever you want to call them) and even though they might have the buzz word ‘simplify’ in there, they will actually add more balls – get healthier, make more money, get organised, start a hobby.

While I think we need to be brave and say yes to leaping towards new challenges and opportunities, we sometimes need to have the courage to say no. The courage to realise that we can’t do it all, and that we need to let some things go. This is where making priorities plays such an important role in our happiness. This is where my biggest challenge lies, in deciding which balls to put away, it isn’t easy saying no and some balls are heavier than others.

To live a balanced life you need to start with some introspection. What if you put all those balls down in a basket and set them aside and focus on just you? Are you happy with where you are at right now? It is all well and good to have goals and desires and plans for the future but you need to be satisfied with your current state and if you aren’t, perhaps you need to find a way to a more balanced life before you can tackle them.

So before we all start making new years resolutions, we need to figure out a balanced life so we can juggle all those shiny new balls. I think that there are three key areas that we need to balance and within each one there are three important things to consider.

3 Keys to a Balanced Life

1. Health


Your body needs to get moving, I’m not going to call it exercise because that implies some sort of a strict regime. Rather I think you need to be conscious of just getting your body going to a level that suits you. For some people that is a marathon, for others it is making sure you take the stairs instead of the elevator, doing some desk stretches, going for a swim at the beach. Whatever it is, you will know when your body feels better for moving and how much you need to do.

>>Eat Right!

I don’t believe in diets, rather just a healthy attitude towards food and everything in moderation. Food is a major source of happiness for me and I am not about to deprive myself of it. But I do understand that I cannot eat Kukukachu popcorn every week.


Again, it is about finding the right balance for you and making sure you get enough quality sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well try to change something (open a window, get a new pillow, make it darker, use aromatherapy, go to bed earlier/later, whatever works for you).

2. Mental Stimulation


Your brain needs stimulation, both at work and at play. Use it or lose it, simple as that.


Learn something new, challenge yourself and experience new things. Travel, or at the very least just exploring your little part of the world, is great for this. As is finding the time for reading books.

>>Be Creative!

Play frivolously with your creative side, even if you aren’t the creative type. I don’t mean be artistic, I mean be creative. Dream a little and come up with some new ideas.

3. Relaxation


Relationships do matter, with your friends, family and even strangers. Keep your social life active to a level that makes you comfortable. The important thing is to make it quality interactions, so actively listen and respond to people, be kind to others and avoid toxic situations.

>>Find Some Quiet!

Not every moment of every day needs to be scheduled with an activity. If it is, schedule in some quiet time. Time to just sit and do nothing.

>>Have Fun!

Get involved in a hobby, find an activity that you enjoy, treat yourself to something special. Even if it is just five minutes, whatever it is, do it for the fun of it and for no other reason than that.

how to live a balanced life with 3 key things to focus on

When you take some time to sit down and think about all of this, try to approach it with a positive attitude and you will find it easier to find happiness in the simple things; to celebrate your wins; and to be easy on yourself. If you can approach life with this attitude you will find it easier to find that balanced life you are seeking.

Not only does a balanced life boost your happiness, but your productivity will increase and your general well being. And if you are happy, those around you will be happier for it.

Do you have a balanced life?
What do you do for fun?

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