How to spend $50k in a day

How to spend $50k in one day competition

We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly can help and we can have a lot of fun dreaming about what to do if we had a bank account full of unexpected money. I’m sure you have all played that game, if I won lotto … This is sort of like that but you have a better chance of actually winning some cash, $50k to be precise. Before I tell you how you can win it, I want to help you with some ideas of how you can spend it.

I can think of plenty of sensible things to spend $50k on like paying off a decent chunk of the mortgage, renovating the house, new cars, the kids education, or investing it – all very intelligent and likely scenarios for most of us. I can even think of some frivolous ones like fresh flowers every day or perhaps a personal masseuse. Then there are the highly likely ones, which for me means travel. Or we could go down the very philanthropic path and donate it all to a good cause or hire a segway, scratch that, just buy one and roll around throwing handfuls of cash in the air for people to grab. Oh the possibilities!

But let’s have a little fun with this, grab your calculator and imagine you had one day to spend $50,000, no strings attached. That’s almost 60 cents a second, so don’t waste too much time thinking about it, ready, go …

Let’s start with Food

how to spend $50k in one day on food

The most expensive food in the world is a tin of Beluga Caviar, but at £24,000 that tips me over the $50k so I crossed that off the list. I could also go for the worlds most expensive cup of coffee, at $705 for a single cup of Sumatran weasel poo that is only 70 coffees, but I have tried it before (obviously a cheaper version) and I didn’t like it so that would be ridiculously wasteful.

But let’s just imagine for a moment how lavishly you could eat every single day for a year if you had $960 a week for groceries! I could ring up my local supermarket and order $50k of grocery vouchers and be a happy little foodie! Maybe I could sacrifice a bit of my ingredients money and hire a chef for a couple of hours a day, that would only be about $25k for a year, leaving the rest to add to my grocery budget or maybe a kitchen upgrade so the chef has something decent to work with.

How about a Library

how to spend $50k in one day library books

It is no secret that I love reading and with an average of $30 a book I could buy 1666 books. It would probably take a day for me to choose all the titles. With a good balance of fiction, cookbooks and everything in between I would be in bookworm heaven for many many years to come.

Throw a Party

how to spend $50k in one day party

Not just any party, something over the top. Let’s keep it smallish and say 100 people with food and drinks at $250 a head that’s $25k gone straight up. Hire an incredible venue and decorate it so it is super stylish, that’s another $15k. Leaving $10k for some entertainment, maybe a band and some fireworks. That would be one great party and we could Instagram the hell out of that. Or perhaps we take a more chilled out approach and build an outdoor cinema for the neighbourhood. String some lights in the trees, throw some beanbags around and set up an epic snack bar.

Let’s Get a Little Romantic

how to spend $50k in one day

Speaking of epic parties, some people easily drop $50k on a one day romantic event, their wedding! But I’m married so let’s imagine I have 24 hours to woo my husband … I’d kick it off with a personal stylist (500) to buy new outfits (2,000) and some fancy pants matching watches (20,000), and finish it off with some sunglasses, handbag and wallet (2,000). We may as well complete the rich mogul look and grab a new phone and tablet each which would of course come with top of the range accessories like headphones and a fully stocked music/book/app library. And since we are already in the tech store we simply have to pick up a great camera to capture the moment later on and a couple of new laptops (14,000) to edit the photos on of course.

Perhaps I will just send our personal shopper to pick up all that trivial stuff while we spend our time getting makeovers and as much pampering as we can fit in (1,500). Obviously the only way to get around today is in a stretch limo (1,000) and after we look the part I’d fly us business class (8,000) to watch the sunset over Uluru and have a romantic dinner under the stars (1,000).

Geez, $50k in 24 hours, that was a little too easy!

How to spend $50k in one day

That is a lot of planning and coordination to pull that off so maybe I could be all Scrooge McDuck and get $50k all in cash and jump around on the bed in piles of money, then hide it under the mattress for a rainy day. I might even splurge on a bottle of champagne to enjoy while I do it.

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Get crazy, what would you spend $50k on in one day?

This is not a paid sponsored post, it is an entry in a creative writing competition.
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