Iliska Dreams

Iliska Dreams


I would like to introduce you all to Julie, a beautiful person who writes over on Iliska Dreams. She loves the simple life, travel and ice cream – what more do you really need to know! Maybe a peek at her top five favourite things would help.


Malinda asked me to do this awhile ago, but after a crappy few months I had my grumpy pants on and nothing was my favourite. But on this rainy Saturday this is my five. As I actually sat down to write this, I realised it is the simplest things that make me happy. But ask me on another day and the list could change. I am not going to include my children, or Justin here, as everyone knows how much I adore them.

Freshly Washed Sheets/Made bed

There is nothing like slipping in between freshly washed sheets. I think one of my joys of staying in a hotel is the sheets. I like to get in the bed first and just lay there, enjoying the fact someone else made it and how hmmm ‘nice’ clean sheets feel.


Sewing Iliska Dreams

I procrastinate at the start of every garment. All of the ‘will this work’ ‘will it look crap’, but then when I start I get in this happy place, even more so, when I have finished making something. That buzz from completing a handmade garment is amazing. This is a big motivator in why I want to open my own online shop.


Travel Iliska Dreams

As much as a homebody that I am, I love to travel. I guess it balance me out. I love going to new countries. The joy of discovering the new. I am not one who desires to return to a place once travelled, there are so many destinations, so many hidden places to explore.


Jarvis is a toucher. Tamika is a toucher. Justin is learning. I am a huge toucher. I find such comfort and joy in touch. When Jarvis sits on the couch near me, he always wiggles over until he touches. The moment Tamika sits down Jarvis is all over her. He too, knows the rapture of touch. As I type this Jarvis is napping with one hand on my belly. I am not sure which of us gets more out of this.


Number five is a hard one, I think it is actually two things but I am going to cheat a little.

Imagining The Story

Number 5 Iliska Dreams

Whenever I buy or receive a vintage item, I like to imagine where the piece has come from. I wish it could tell me its story. This is also linked to my love of taking photos of strangers. Yes, I am the slightly weird stalker who loves to take photos of people who I do not know, then imagine a whole background story for them.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful list Julie. I absolutely adore fresh sheets, but I don’t really like hotel sheets as I find them too stiff and they are usually tucked in a bit too tight so I always find one of the first things I do when I arrive is pull the sheets out. I prefer my own sheets, dried in the warm sunshine. This is topped only by my mum’s sheets because, I have no idea how but, they are always soooo soft.

Be sure to pop on over and visit Julie at Iliska Dreams and have a look around her site. And keep an eye on her as you never know what could be coming up next! Don’t forget to join in with us and share your #myfridayfavourites list either in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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