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Let's be AwesomeI want my site to be awesome. And I know you do too. You want a site that you enjoy visiting and I want to give it to you. As best as I can. Each week I sit down and write what is in my head and hope that you all get something out of it.

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I try to cover a variety of topics across travel, eat, create and live. Maybe I have my hands in too many baskets, but I simply write about my favourite things in life. Yes, I’m a mum but I don’t think that I am a mummy or parenting blogger. Yes, I share my creative projects but I’m not a craft blogger. Yes, I write about my travels and have a weekly link up but I’m not a travel blogger. Yes, I share recipes every week but I’m not a food blogger. Yes, I try to be inspiring with advice on a happy, organised, beautiful home but I’m not a design or home blogger. But I am all of these as well. So what am I? I think maybe if I had to choose a box, I’m a lifestyle blogger. Do you think? Perhaps it is too wishy washy. Perhaps I am a Personal Blogger. Can you define my blog?

This week I want to know what you want from this site. From the people who return week after week, and from the new readers, I would love to know a few things:

What is one thing you love about this site?
What is one thing you would change?
What do you want to see more of?
What can I work on?

Let's be Awesome Together

Don’t be gentle and don’t be shy. I wouldn’t have asked, if I didn’t want to know. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing here, just email me. But let’s be friends, sit down, have a coffee and chat with me and let’s be awesome together!

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