My Friday Favourites: Little Paper Lane

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane JaydeI love the stationery shop Little Paper Lane so of course I love the person behind it! Jayde also blogs about her happy life and if you haven’t seen her Instagram feed you are truly missing out on something special as she shares not only beautiful stationery shots but a little more about her life including her gorgeous kids Iggy & Minty. So of course I wanted to know what made Jayde’s top five favourite things …

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane Family


I love this gang. So many beautiful little personalities. Iggy is a soft and gentle happy little man(8years) and was put on this earth to make it a better place. Minty is my 3 year old little firestorm of happy. She has so much personality and is rarely upset and cranky, and will change the world. My husband is a superhero I am pretty sure of it. He is Canadian and an ex skier but now a crazy Mountain Biker, and he keeps us alive with how hard he works and could possibly win Dad of the year every year. Our ‘baby’ is also our biggest. Coco the Alaskan Malamute who is 2 years old and has some issues with realising she is a dog not a human. She is quite possibly the most beautiful creature to ever walk the earth, but she is sometimes an asshole and can’t be left alone because she has serious FOMO. We adore her.

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane Shop Window

My Shop (Little Paper Lane)

Is it weird that I love my shop almost like i love my family. It has brought so much happiness to us, and to our community and has helped to build our entire business, and is just a happy calm place to be. Full of stationery, and gifts/ We can be creative and smile and offer something to people that you don’t get many other places. She is a stunner.

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane Washi Stationery Love


Owning a stationery shop I would have to have some issues if I wasn’t utterly obsessed with Stationery. I have loved it since I was little. One of my most beautiful memories was my Nan and Pop taking me to a stationery shop and buying me a wooden stamp and rainbow ink pad. And my Pop snuck me back the next day to buy more because i was so in love with it. Stationery is nostalgic, its warm, its creative and makes me smile always.

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane Home Bedroom


I love being at home. I love making our house more of a home. I love colour, I love homewares, I especially love bed linen. Yeah its materialistic to love ‘stuff’ but I don’t give  a shit. I adore living in a space that has personality and inspires us. Our entire business and who we are is about creativity, and if our home wasn’t a creative space we wouldn’t get much inspiration for our designing surrounded by a Yawnfest home.

Friday Favourite Little Paper Lane Cactus Creative

Being Creative

I love creating new products and making fun things with the kids, or painting blobs of watercolours and turning them into stationery. I especially love painting cacti at the minute. And I could sit and write with different pens all night long. Its relaxing and good for the brain to be creative and my business is very much a creative based business so the more we create the more we can share with the world.

My Friday Favourites Jayde Little Paper Lane

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creativity and colourful happy life with us Jayde, I’m sure I speak for the crowds when I say that you make us smile and bring joy to our lives every day. And I think it is perfectly ok to like ‘stuff’!

Do you like ‘stuff’ too?
What made your #myfridayfavourites list this week?

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