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My Friday Favourites is back!!! I know I explained it to you already, but for those of you who missed it, I took a little break after the anniversary of this feature. Just so I could take a breath, regather myself and reschedule my time a bit better. I know so many of you love this feature and getting to know others a bit better and I am very pleased to be back. I have some great guests lined up for you and am kicking it all off with the amazingly talented Nicole Avery.

Friday Favourite Planning with Kids Nicole Avery

For most of you, Nicole Avery needs no introduction. She is a Melbourne mum to five beautiful kids aged 16 to 6. Nicole is slightly addicted to spread sheets, tea, running, CrossFit and she is the master organiser behind the successful blog, Planning With Kids. I wanted to know what her top five favourite things are!

Nicole Avery – Planning with Kids

Writing lists of favourite things is such an excellent way to be reminded of the wonderful life I have and how much joy I receive from those around me. Thank you Malinda for the opportunity to take part and celebrate and be grateful for the life I have.

Early morning running

Friday Favourite Planning with Kids Running

I love running. I especially love running long distance. Going for a long run early in the morning on my own before the house stirs is my favourite way to start the day. Exercising first thing in the morning gives me an energy and mood boost for the start of the day. It also gives me some moments on my own and time to think before I start focusing on everyone else.

Fresh out of bed hugs from the kids

The youngest two are generally still asleep when I come back in from my run and one of my absolute favourite things is big, long hugs from the kids just as they have come out of bed in the morning. There is something so beautiful and special about the warmth they radiate and connecting so tightly first thing in the morning. With the littlest one, I have a saying, which is “I am going to your steal warms”. If he happens to be up when I get back from my run, I check with him if there any “warms” left to steal. He will always say yes which makes me smile.


Friday Favourite Planning with Kids Kombucha

I started making my own kombucha about two years ago and I love it. While we are in our school morning routine I have a glass each day and three out of the five kids join me too which is great. It gives me a little energy boost in the morning and does my gut good at the same time. The younger two kids help me make it now as well, choosing what flavours to make from each brew.

Cooking for the family

Friday Favourite Planning with Kids chocolate buckini slice

My family is the most important thing in my life. One of my favourite things to do is to cook for them. Cooking from scratch is something I love to do and I like creating small traditions around food. This year we started French toast Friday. (My kids were obsessed with meal and day alliteration after Taco Tuesday in the LEGO Movie).

Each week I bake a savoury and sweet item for the school lunches and while it does take up time on my weekend, I am happy pottering in the kitchen and the kids come in and out as I do this, helping here and there and always willing to lick the spoon when I am baking!

Helping other mums

While blogging now has formed a basis of small business for me, the only reason I have stuck at blogging for so long is the satisfaction I receive from knowing I help other mums and families make their daily life a little bit easier. Almost every post I share on the blog is aimed at solving common family issues or sharing what has worked and what hasn’t for our family. One of the absolute joys of my job is to read an email or comment from a reader who writes to let me know they have made some changes after reading the blog and it has made a difference in their life. I love that others can benefit from my hindsight.


Thank you so much for joining in My Friday Favourites Nicole. I love to potter in the kitchen on the weekend baking yummy food for the week ahead, it has become a ritual now that I’m a school mum and I love it even more when I have tiny hands to help me stir and lick the spoon. 

If you haven’t read Planning with Kids before, please drop by and say hello to Nicole, she has a wealth of information on her site. 

What’s on your #myfridayfavourites this week?
Do you steal your kids warms?

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