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The weather has been delightfully sunny and warm in my neck of the woods and my family and I have been spending a lot of time soaking in the happy sunshine. This week on the blog I shared how I have become a World Vision Ambassador and how you can help feed the hungry with World Food Day happening today. Your donation will be multiplied by 9 so be sure to read how we are hardwired for generosity and how it can make you happy. As always we had a great Wednesday Wanderlust link party and I show you the tiniest plane I have ever been on and the almost non existent airport that it landed at. And then last but not least there was my Kukukachu Popcorn that is crazy addictive and insanely delicious (Hint – it involves caramel and chocolate)- seriously, you have been warned!

FF Week Wrap Up 161015

I like to end each week sharing not only awesome people with you but a little insight into their lives and what is on their list of favourite things at the moment. This week I have Dannielle, a loving mother of 3 kids. She loves to bake and lucky for us she loves to share her creations with us on her blog ZamamaBakes. Dannielle is one of those genuinely lovable people that everyone should have in their lives. And here are her five favourite things so you can see just how delightful she is …

Friday Favourite ZamamaBakes FamilyMy Little Family

I can’t imagine life without the 3 kidlets or Zadada. I really do think kids make you, they do also sometimes break you (oh they do) but I wouldn’t have life any other way!

Zadada well he’s my best friend, my right hand man, an awesome hands on dad and a sweet loving husband.

One of my friend’s Mums once gave me a piece of advice and said your partner should enhance your life, and this amazing husband of mine does that for me every day. We’ve been married 11 years now and together for 19!

Friday Favourite ZamamaBakes KitchenCreating in the kitchen (of course!!!)

I find it therapeutic, satisfying and so enjoyable to get my bake on in the kitchen. I have a particular soft spot for sweet treats I do get withdrawals if I don’t bake often. The kitchen would be my favourite room in the house (except for when it comes to the clean-up part, Zadada tells me ‘Dannielle you can cook but gee you can make one heck of a mess!’

Hehehehe, I say the messier the kitchen, the tastier the end result 😉

Friday Favourite ZamamaBakes Prosecco


I thought I loved normal bubbles! That was until I discovered Prosecco thanks to Babymac (she got me curious to try). Brown Brothers is one of my favourites at the moment.

So refreshing, especially when you enjoy it with a yummy antipasto platter or deconstructed pumpkin salad.

Friday Favourite ZamamaBakes Chocolate Cake

My Nanna Mac’s Moist Chocolate Cake

Seriously this Moist Chocolate Cake is my favourite cake of all time and has a very special place in my heart. It’s moist, and just uses pantry basics (no melting chocolate), you throw everything in the bowl together, mix and bake. Perfection on a plate and it’s so adaptable……you can make the one big cake, a layered cake, cupcakes even deconstructed cupcakes!

Friday Favourite ZamamaBakes Sunshine Coast

Noosa and all things Sunshine Coast

My favourite holiday destination (Fiji comes a close second) just a short 3 hour road trip from home, we try to manage a trip up there at least once a year, it’s like a home away from home. Everything we need is within walking distance. The kidlets eat, swim, eat, swim, eat and sleep. It’s a great spot for a family holiday. A little treat of solo retail therapy down Hasting St is always a very enjoyable experience for one Zamama!

My Friday Favourites ZamamaBakes

I am now envisaging catching up with Dannielle on a holiday to the Sunshine Coast, drinking prosecco with that delicious salad and eating all the chocolate cake – who’s in? Food, especially when it is as delicious as Danniellle’s creations, usually makes it to my own Friday Favourites list. Be sure to drop by ZamamaBakes and say hello.

What’s on your #MyFridayFavourites list this week? 
Eaten anything delicious recently?

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