One step back, Two steps forward

I'm taking one step back, to take two steps forward

My ‘one word’ at the beginning of the year to encapsulate all of my hopes for the year ahead was ‘enough‘. I am enough. I have enough. Enough is enough. To question enough. It was a challenge to myself to make the effort to achieve my goals, but to also not push myself too hard. And it has been a challenge and I am still trying to figure out the right balance for me. But that is ok, it has served as a good reminder all through the year.

It is time now for me to practice what I preach and spend some time on me. I love my blog and the community here but it is a very draining project that I spend my spare time on for the love of it. My passions and attention are being pulled at from other directions and I need to take some time to pursue them. I’m going to take a step back, so that I can take two steps forward.

It takes a lot to realise that you cannot be everything to everyone and do it all. I know, I know, I am woman hear me roar. But I am stronger than that. I am strong enough to know that as much as I would like to, I cannot do it all. Partly because I am a slight perfectionist and don’t really know how to do ‘just enough’ to get by, I tend to give everything my all or nothing.

But where will I be, what will I be doing? Firstly I will be spending more quality time with my family. I will be taking some more time to ‘fill my cup’. I will be cooking just for me, not wondering about scribbling down the recipe, taking photos, and planning it all out. I’ll be finishing my creative projects without the pressure of having to share it with the world. I will be switching off at the power point instead of working into the night.

Probably most significantly of all, I will be preparing myself to change career directions. This is something that I have deliberated on for months. You may remember back to my Finding Myself post, which got a big reaction from you all, as did the follow up to this with my reflections on how to go about moving forward. I highlighted the 4 big B’s to moving ahead and that is what I have been working on.

Many of you agreed with me when I said that no one should expect a 16 year old to choose a career path, and do you know what I read (Economist Neil Howe)? Only 5% of people pick the right job on the first try; no matter what age you are. That made me feel a little better. I kept reading and figured out that I should be choosing a lifestyle rather than a job title. I spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Now it is time to stop thinking and start doing. I have decided to take the leap and start studying. I have made compromises and massive assumptions on a lot but in the end, it is an area that interests me, there are good career outcomes with an increasing industry employment rate and I won’t bore you with all of the details on everything that I have been over thinking on this. I’m just going to bite the bullet and study architecture!

I'm taking one step back, to take two steps forward

So, what all this means is that I have to cut back here, on my blog. I have to take one step back, to take two steps forward. I must admit I have been on the verge of simply throwing it all in. The endless hours spent working on it, the slow organic growth, the unpaid and unrecognised energy poured into every little part of it. For now, at the very least, I am taking December to myself, to my family and choosing me first. I will still be on social media. I’m not gone. I’m just being realistic with my time and priorities.

I invite you all to please subscribe to my monthly newsletter, I will be sending one out on Tuesday 1st with your regular free wallpaper and the next you hear from me will be an announcement next year as to my future and the future of this blog. Unless of course you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter – then I’ll see you around.

Have you ever had to step away (or let go just a little) from something you love?
When was the last time you REALLY put yourself first?
Have you ever changed career directions?

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