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This is one of the simplest how-to’s that anyone can do whether you are a crafty queen or not, whether you have a green thumb or if maybe this touch of creativity is going to distract everyone from looking at your forlorn little browning plants.

Coloured Painted Pots

These painted pots are so cute, easy to do and can be used indoors or out, and you can even walk on the wild side and use them for storing your bits and bobs instead of filling them with dirt.

colour dipped pot

pop of colour for garden colour dip painted pot

I made these painted pots to give a little colour to our outdoor area. My girls also had a go at making their own and I realised that these would actually make a really nice gift for someone.

three painted pots

They are very personal, the plant in it would last longer than flowers (hopefully) and can be done quite frugally.

Coloured Pots Preparation

I actually bought some new terracotta pots for this project, at a dollar or two each I thought this was a little crafty splurge I could justify.

weekend craft painting pots

But you could also use whatever pots you have around your backyard (we did a black plastic pot too), just be sure to give them a good scrub first so you have a nice clean smooth surface to paint on.

Coloured Pots what you need

Gather your supplies – some pots, a few different paints, a paint brush, painters masking tape and plants.

coloured pots tape patternI painted one pot with a geometric sort of pattern by taping out some triangles on the top and bottom edge. I purposefully made them different sizes and off centre because perfectly imperfect is more pleasing to me.

Coloured Dip Chilli Plant Pot

I did a bottom up colour dip on another pot, painting the saucer and the bottom half of the pot in a lopsided dip. I free handed this but you could use tape if you want a really straight crisp edge.

painted pot storage

The third pot I colour dipped from the top down. Again, perfectly imperfect!

Succulent Painted Pot PatternDepending on your paint and the look you are after you may need to do a couple of coats of paint.

geometric painted pot

Once they are dry, fill with some pretty plants, or bits and bobs, and you are done.

cheap diy coloured pot

This is the old plastic pot that we painted, and even added some glitter, because, well, little girls and well, glitter. Ok.

painted pot washi colour dip

And like I said, you don’t have to use them for plants, you can use them for all sorts of storage on your desk or kitchen counter.

three finished coloured pots


Coloured Pots Chilli Plant

Does your garden need a pop of colour?

Do you like Chilli plants?

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