Popcorn Cone Stand

Popcorn Cone Stand

Popcorn is a fun party food but it’s no fun to have sticky little hands plunging into the bowl over and over again. So I decided to make little paper cones and fill each one with a mix of plain and coloured popcorn for my girls birthday party. Easy finger food for both the big and little kids. All I did was cut a piece of plain white A4 paper in half, roll it into a cone and I used a bit of rainbow heart printed washi tape to hold it in place.

Of course if I laid the cones down the popcorn would have spilled everywhere so I had to find some way of standing them up. This was easier then I thought. I turned a couple of egg cartons upside down and cut a hole in the bottom of each cup. The cones stood up in each hole and there was just enough room between them that they weren’t squished. I taped the two boxes together and wrapped some coloured paper around the outside.

easy popcorn cone stand

This was a cheap and simple way of making party food fun. At the end of the day I didn’t care that the cones were thrown out and the egg cartons just went straight into the craft box for another days creativity. You could fill the cones with all sorts of different things. I think it’s a great way to portion control the treats for the kids without being a party-pooper.

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