Rainbow Jelly Cups

Rainbow Jelly Cups

Kids love jelly and it is the ultimate party food but even better if you can make it more exciting. Hiding lollies in it is a popular choice or as a side serve to cake but since our theme was rainbows, we decided to make a rainbow layered jelly.

I think that it is a good idea to have individual serves at kids parties. It stops the kids from over indulging, saves on washing up, means you can pre-prepare most things, no one has to stand at the table serving people the whole time, you minimise sharing germs, and you only have to prepare as many as you need.

So, we bought a packet of clear cups and set them out on a tray so that it was easy to move them in and out of the fridge. Don’t forget to clear a space in the fridge that is big enough to fit the tray and cups. Test it out before you fill the cups.

Making Rainbow Jelly Cups

You will need to do some maths before you begin. Check your packet mix and your cups for measurements – this is what we did. Each packet of jelly mix made 500mls of jelly. We made 20 cups of jelly with 25mls in each cup. This was a nice easy division and we used a small medicine cup to measure out each scoop. You will also need to check how much your cup can hold. We did 6 different colours, totalling 150ml. Purple – blue – green – yellow – orange – pink/red.

Each layer in the cup is only small so they probably set fairly quickly but we decided to simply do a colour a day. This was something that the girls could get involved with and it was an exciting activity to do each morning.

These were a tasty treat and doubled as decorations for our rainbow themed party!

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