Taking the Sisterhood Offline

The sisterhood bloggers award

I feel really lucky that I am part of the blogging community, it is a formidable force and is full of wonderfully supportive, compassionate and creative people. There is a blogging ‘award’ doing the rounds at the moment called the Sisterhood of the World and it is reminiscent of the Liebster Award. I use the term ‘award’ lightly because it is essentially a modern day chain letter that helps recognise fellow bloggers and give them a little boost.

I have been awarded this blogger title a few times over the last couple of months and I feel like I let the team down a bit. I have been so caught up in life that I am yet to respond to the questions. So, better late than never, I am finally getting around to it.

I was kindly nominated by Lyn from A Hole in my Shoe, Lydia from Holidaze & Hellidaze, Shari from Good Food Week and Kathy 50 Shades of Age, sorry if I missed any other mentions. Rather than answer all 40 questions I have chosen a couple of questions from each to make up my ten, I know it is cheating, but I’m a bit of a rule breaker.

1. If for some reason you couldn’t return home and could no longer travel, where would you settle? (A Hole in my Shoe)

Italy! I am pretty convinced that I was Italian in another life so I think I could easily live in Italy. The weather is warm, the food is delectably perfect, the language is pretty easy to learn and the people are welcoming. I could traverse across this country and find rolling green hillsides, sparkling aqua seas, wide lakes, high mountains, ancient civilisations and modern wonders. Touch wood my inability to travel never happens, but I could settle in Italy.

2. What is the most risky thing you have done while travelling? (A Hole in my Shoe)

There are probably quite a few – white water rafting the Zambezi was pretty crazy, then again even visiting Zimbabwe at the time was living on the edge. Going black water caving in New Zealand in the freezing cold, if it wasn’t for the adrenalin rush I’m pretty sure I would have frozen to death. Some might say going ‘thai style’ on a motorbike with my husband, daughter and a pregnant me was risky. Trekking through the Okavango Delta on foot and unknowingly coming across a lion, yep that classifies as risky. Driving an oversized car through the narrow laneways of the Southern French hillside villages with burnt out brakes was interesting. Or perhaps the time were driving up into the highlands in Malaysia and had to drive, or rather slide across a muddy landslide. Maybe I should stop there, obviously I’m not adverse to a little bit of risk.

3. What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten, and did you like it? (Holidaze & Hellidaze)

I am quite adventurous with food and will happily give most things a try. Mopani worms in Zimbabwe were pretty weird. I suppose it is the African version of the Aussie witchetty grub. These mopani worms were actually barbequed beyond taste, so they were ok. Ox Blood in soup in Thailand ranks pretty high on the weird food scale. I ate it, but requested it without when I could. There was bee whisky in Vietnam which was pretty toxic moonshine. And I have also drunk Kopi Luwak (weasel poo coffee), and I just wasn’t a fan of the flavour. I am self confessed coffee snob but I have no idea why it is the most expensive coffee in the world or why there is even a demand for it.

4. Luxury for less time or longer on a budget? (Holidaze & Hellidaze)

In terms of travel, I would opt for longer on a budget, the experiences and sites are what I travel for not the comfy bed and day spa. However at home, I usually go for quality over quantity as I don’t need a house full of cheap stuff. I’d rather have one excellent chocolate, rather than a bag full of ordinary ones. I’d rather buy one pair of thongs (flip flops) that will last me, rather than a new pair every season.

5. Why did you start your blog? (Good Food Week)

I began My Brown Paper Packages as most blogs start, as a creative outlet and something that was just for me, not my kids. I think a lot of stay at home mums need something to distract themselves from the daily monotony and this is what I did. Besides that, I have always had a lot to say and I like to share the happiness around. My very first post was ‘one giant leap’ of faith and it still feels the same way every time I hit publish.

6. What makes you smile? (Good Food Week)

My husband and kids make me smile in two ways – they are a constant source of amusement and because I am insanely proud of them. Good food always brings a silly grin to my face. I smile in that satisfied sort of way when I stand back after completing a creative project. When I’m reminiscing about travel adventures, both the good and the bad, I smile from ear to ear. I try to find joy in the every day things, the small achievements and the unexpected so I smile a lot, sometimes on the inside, but the smile is always there.

7. If you had to eat a vegetable everyday for the rest of your life, what vegetable would it be? (Good Food Week)

I know a lot of people say potato for this but I think that I would get crazy bored of it pretty quickly. Others say kale because of the nutritional content but I couldn’t eat that alone. So I had a think about it and my answer is corn. Corn! Think of the variety of things you can do with corn … chips, cereal, fresh and juicy, popcorn, it is sweet enough to make desserts from, you can use corn meal to make breads, oh my goodness the endless options! Now I’m thinking about popcorn – kukukachu, apple cinnamon, balsamic caramel, damn, now I have to go make some.

8. My carry-on luggage and what is in it (50 Shades of Age)

My girls are old enough to have their own bags now so all of the kiddy paraphernalia has gratefully disappeared from my bag. I’m left with enough space for a good book, my own earphones, a wrap to keep warm (I freeze in airports & planes!), lip gloss, socks (unless I am already wearing them), a notebook and pen, my camera & any memory cards (won’t ever lose this again!), packet of mentos, passport, phone and wallet. And probably some sort of sneaky surprise as a back up distraction plan for the girls.

9. The first thing I do at a new destination is …… (50 Shades of Age)

When I arrive I try to get my bearings for my neighbourhood, so after dropping bags off at the accommodation I usually go for a wander and figure out where everything is. I’ll usually grab some local food supplies, change my currency, rehydrate with a few drinks and soak in some sunlight to try and ward off any potential jet lag.

10. What is your most read or popular blog post? (Everyone asked this!)

Rainbow Tissue Paper Pom Poms and my Tutu Dress Tutorial along with a few other posts have gone nuts on Pinterest and still get a crazy amount of hits. But for me, the focus is on the interaction I have with my community of readers, so comments are what trigger ‘popular’ for me. Across my four categories my popular posts are:

A Story to Remember
My Best Kept Travel Tips
Dreaming of a White Christmas

Healthy Blueberry Muffins
Peanut Butter Bars
Baked Citrus Chicken

Geometric Artwork
IKEA Hacks
The Secret to Creativity

Reflections on my Career Path Search
Books Ive been Reading
Boring women have immaculate Homes

Join my sisterhood of the world bloggers award

The “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.” It is now that I am supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers and ask them 10 questions and so the modern age version of the good old fashioned chain letter continues. However, I know that most people are busy, have already completed this or just aren’t interested. So instead, I’m going to break the rules … again.

Taking the Sisterhood Offline

I think we are all unique, we all have something to say and we all have a story to share, whether you blog or not. We can all make our days a little bit brighter by stopping to listen to others tell their story. It will make the story teller happy, and you too. Why not strike up a conversation with someone you see this week based on one of these questions and see where it takes you.

I’d like to know something more about you, so I want YOU to answer one of the above questions in the comments.

Join my sisterhood.

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