The Secret to Creativity

How tot be creative by thinking like an adult and acting like a childWant to know the secret
on finding your creative energy?

Think like an adult, but act like a child.

The secret to creativity lies in realising that rules are usually there for a reason and as adults we need to respect and understand that, but all these rules about what we should and shouldn’t be doing can inhibit your creativity. So, while staying responsible, try to act like a child because they have a natural creativity about them that is truly envious.

Think about how kids see everything as fascinating and wonderful, even the tiny things. They notice these things and think or rather wonder about them because they move slower through our world.

7 ways to Break the Rules & Find Your Creative Energy

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Walk Slowly

Adults rush everywhere. Try going out for a short walk, but don’t rush it, the end result isn’t to finish the walk and get to point B. Slow down and take notice of all the little things you see and take the time to wonder. Look at the resilience of that small weedy flower that has pushed up through the cracks in the pavement. Watch the clouds change shapes from a flying elephant to a guitar to an apple with a bite out of it. Notice the expressions on the faces of the elderly couple waiting at the bus stop and what they have seen in their lifetime, each story written on a crease stretched across their body.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Question Everything

Kids ask a lot of questions (trust me my 3 year old reminds me of this with monotonous regularity) but they are just trying to understand the world and we should too. You should never stop learning and questioning everything around you.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Don’t Follow Trends

If you don’t have your own kids you have at least seen the little ones out and about wearing outfits that are a true masterpiece. You know the ones – the mismatched, multi-layered, clashing patterns and as many colours as possible, all usually topped off with some random dress up item like a pair of fairy wings or a batman mask. They don’t follow trends or the norm, they do it because they like it and it makes them feel good. I think we should do the same, not the crazy outfits part, the don’t follow trends part. Do something because you want to, just like a kid would. I know ‘adult colouring’ is big right now, and don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy it, but just because it is popular doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Try Something New

Children are constantly, almost daily, trying something new (though not food – they tend to stick to their guns on this one!!) because they haven’t seen or done most of what the world has to offer yet. They might not like it, but they might just love it, the point is they will give it a go. We should be pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone to try something new, to do something you wouldn’t normally do. You could take a class, grab a ‘how to’ book at the library or just get stuck in. Keep it casual, no pressure, just give it a go.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Don’t Fear Failure

Kids don’t care if they fail, and they don’t fear criticism for their efforts. In fact they are usually praised pretty heavily for just giving it a go. This point goes hand in hand with the one above. Relax, do your crazy idea, feel safe in your creative endeavours. Don’t worry about what other people will say. And while you are at it mute your self criticism. Go easy on yourself and stop self editing – It doesn’t need to be perfect. There is rarely a ‘right’ in creativity. Remember that for every masterpiece the ‘experts’ have produced they have made far more that are not.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Put Your Happiness First

Make sure you are happy. Invest some time in yourself and doing what makes you happy. If you are in a positive frame of mind you are far more likely to be creative.

Break the Rules & Act Like a Child >> Look Over Shoulders

You know how kids look over each others shoulders watching what everyone else is doing. They aren’t being nosey, or cheating, they just want to see. Be like a kid and look at what other creatives are doing, talk to others, share what you have been working on. Be bolstered by other creative people.

When was the last time you broke the rules and acted like a child?
Does your creative energy need a boost?

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