14 Things to do in New York

New York 14 things to do

I heard this song called ‘Ugly Heart’ on the radio this week and have had it stuck in my head the only way pop songs can. I’ve been singing it over and over, but I don’t really know the lyrics so it’s a lot of humming and dancing and making the words up. Really it was the line about ‘your smile could light up New York city after dark’ that really stuck. There are hundreds, if not thousands of songs about New York and all of them conjure up different images. This song though, and that line in particular got me thinking about New York, a city that holds a lot of intrigue and I thought I’d make a list of things I’d do in New York.


14 things to do in New York

  1. Central Park – I am surprised that this vast patch of prime real estate remains intact but I’m glad it is. I think it would be impossible to visit this city without going to Central Park at least once.
  2. Times Square – the buzzing intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, need I say more? The neon lights, the noise, the crowds, the shops! I’d probably add a stop in to the Rockefeller Center to this and apparently the view from the top is amazing.
  3. Broadway – I would love to go out and watch a show on Broadway, I don’t think I would be too picky what it was, but just the whole experience of ‘dolling up’ and going to Broadway sounds magical.
  4. Grand Central Terminal – for the architecture and the grand scale, to people watch and to ride the subway!
  5. Empire State Building – not to actually visit the building but to see it in the skyline, to watch the sky turn sunset orange and the magical moments when the lights begin to twinkle across the city skyline and the stars sparkle in the sky. That moment.
  6. The West Village – stroll around the cobblestone streets looking up at the brownstones and wandering aimlessly. It looks very intimate and quaint, though I’m sure under the facade it is just as fast paced as the rest of the city.
  7. The High Line -walk the new high line and have a picnic while watching the world below whizz by.
  8. Brooklyn Bridge – yes an architectural wonder, but more so because it is in pretty much every single movie or tv show set in New York. It just seems too iconic to miss.
  9. Statue of Liberty – it seems very touristy but I think that it is much like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower.
  10. Coney Island – I’d love to play here during the day and then see it all lit up at night too. To sit on the beach, to walk the boardwalk and play carnival games.
  11. Yankee Stadium – to watch a baseball game of course
  12. Harlem Gospel – visit a Sunday morning Harlem mass and listen to them raise the roof
  13. Hail a yellow taxi cab – you cannot prebook taxi’s in New York, so your only option is to stand on the curb and yell TAXI, whistle, or politely raise your arm.
  14. Eat a hot dog, a pretzel and a pizza – it has to be a hot dog from a cart, a giant soft pretzel and a huge dripping with cheese slice of pizza. I probably wont like any of them but I just have to try them. Oh my gosh what about New York Cheesecake?! Oh, and a bagel too.

i love NY

Maybe I heart NY.

What can you recommend, or maybe there is something that shouldn’t be on this list?

Where is your #wednesdaywanderlust to this week?

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