Wanderlust Link Party & The Dead Sea

Wednesday Wanderlust The Dead SeaOn my bucket list is to float in The Dead Sea caked in mud, glorious mud. A strange wanderlust to have I suppose but I think I’d love to give this a go. For those wondering what on earth I am going on about let’s look at some quick facts. Israel’s famous Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest spot on earth. It is 400 meters below sea level and the water evaporates faster than it fills up, giving it the high salt levels, 8 times saltier than the world’s oceans. It is called the Dead Sea because the salinity prevents the existence of any life forms in the lake. On the up side the same salinity combined with the minerals in the water gives hundreds of thousands of visitors relief from ailments. The deposits of black mud on the sea bed is also full of skin nourishing goodness and to top it all off the bromide in the air is also beneficial for the body and there is low sun radiation at this location. It is like a free health resort made by nature just ready to welcome us.

Wanderlust The Dead Sea Floating

I think that floating in the Dead Sea would be a wildly relaxing experience. Though I have heard some good tips to heed – don’t shave for days before hand or have any cuts on you (rubbing salt into the wound!); don’t dive under the water or get it in your eyes, just lean back and sit; don’t stay in too long and rinse off afterwards.

Wanderlust The Dead Sea MudThen there is the mud. All the photos of people slathering themselves in the black mud looks utterly ridiculous, and then I found this one, which I think is exactly what it would be like. I would probably be in stitches the whole time! (Hot tip I read somewhere – don’t wear your favourite swimmers, the mud is near impossible to wash out.)

It is just a 45 minute drive from Amman in Jordan (it sits on the border of Jordan and Israel) and there are plenty of other historical sites to visit while you are out that way. I’d love to explore the area, get some cool photos of the salt deposits and watch the sunset over the lake after rinsing off from my DIY “health spa”.

Would you slather yourself in mud and float in The Dead Sea? 

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