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My name is Malinda, I live on the Gold Coast in Australia and I am the person behind My Brown Paper Packages. You can read more about me and my blog, including category highlights here.

The heartbeat of my blog is to create happiness through sharing stories of my favourite things to inspire my readers. I want them to feel inspired to reflect on their life and make the choice to re-prioritise what they do so that everything contributes to their happiness. I want them to cook the recipes, make something creative, plan to travel to experience things, and find what it is that makes them happy. And then pass on this happiness.

Please contact me to discuss collaborations or to request my latest media kit.

Please note that I will only accept offers if I believe that they are a good fit with my blog. I will only give honest personal opinions and I will clearly disclose that I have received payment for my time.

If you are interested in working with me please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on

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