Christmas Link Party

Christmas Link PartyThere is often a collective groan when the Christmas decorations start to appear in the shops but just as sure as I buy Hot Cross Buns early at Easter, I actually get a pleasant little butterfly sensation in my tummy when Christmas starts to appear.

I probably love Christmas for all the same reasons that other people hate it. The family. The food. The festivities. Any excuse for a get together will do but Christmas seems as good an excuse as any, maybe because it signifies that summer has started or maybe it is because people have more time off with holidays from school and work. Whatever it is, despite the chaos and mildly-concussing stress that can ensue, my name is Malinda and I love Christmas.

I enjoy festooning my house with glitter, tinsel and lights as much as my daughters do. I have fun with the craft that we do together. I spend hours (ok, probably just minutes) scouring Pinterest for creative ideas before trying to rummage through what we have in the craft boxes to try and replicate it. You should check out my Christmas Pinterest board and see some of the cool things I have come across.

Christmas Link Party Pinterest Craft

We had fun making cardboard trees for the girls rooms that they can decorate over and over again, a Christmas city out of cereal boxes, painting pine cones, cutting snowflakes (I know it doesn’t snow here but hello – Frozen!) and Christmas origami too. A favourite is making cards for friends, because they are the best type of cards to get.

Christmas Link Party TOMFO

There is Christmas everywhere – I have even got @TOMFO’s cute watermelon Christmas tree on my desktop and you can get it too – so adorable and bright.

We turn on the Christmas music and dance around silly and sing along when we know the words. We cook and bake a lot of Christmas treats! There is the regular, almost obligatory, rum balls and Christmas fruit cake. Then this year I also made some healthy rum-ball-like bliss balls and a couple of to-die-for rocky roads. I think I might mix it up a bit this year. I usually make Gingerbread Men, to be honest we have already done this but I might make them again and turn them upside down like @Yourkidsot did and make reindeer, and I’ve already made @Zamamabakes Gingerbread slice.

Christmas Link Party Baking

I usually make Peppermint Fudge Slice but am keen to give mint slice balls from @bakeplaysmile a go this year.

I have a Mars Bar Slice that is always a hit but then I came across this Malteser & Mars Bar Slice from @createbakemake that had me drooling on my keyboard.

Christmas Link Party Recipes

And everyone looks forward to my mum’s big icecream cake on christmas eve which I am yet to see anything better! We even make fruit Christmas-sy with tree watermelon and little strawberries Santas & Grinches.

Christmas Link Party Fruit Pinterest

Tomorrow I am making some Turkish delight – (both rosewater and orange blossom – yum!) to go in the teachers gifts and some easy kid friendly Chocolate Royal “Puddings” that always do the rounds on Pinterest to share at school too.

Someone asked me the other night, what am I doing for Christmas and I looked around at my friends sitting at a table laden with food and simply said with a smile – this. My first thoughts of Christmas is lots of food and enjoying it with family and friends. (Thank goodness I started doing a mini boot camp in my backyard!! Did I mention that 5 year olds are really good personal trainers.)

I love that I can give to others with no excuse other than the frivolous ‘it’s Christmas’. It doesn’t have to be anything big and extravagant, just a small this made me think of you, or I baked some goodies, or I made you this or I remember you said you loved …

One of the things I love is the great community of friends I have made while blogging. So many awesome people with creative ideas, a special way with words and killer photography skills. So my gift to you is my very first link party! I am in the Christmas mood and want to read everyone’s Christmas posts so what better way to do it than to gather them all together into one big share the love symposium. Love it or hate it I’m sure you have at least one Christmas related post to share with us. Link Party staying open for submissions up to Christmas Day!! 

Welcome to the Great & Wonderful

Christmas Link Party

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