Friday Favourite: Dancing through Sunday

Another week another fabulous guest for you all. I’d like to introduce you to Bec from the blog Dancing Through Sunday. It’s all about food and how eating well can change your life, featuring vegetarian recipes for any time of the day, or night and some sweet treats too. Considering her blog is all about food, I wonder what her list will be about … 

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

I hate to be captain obvious but my favourite thing is… FOOD! Food can do much more than fuel your body and keep you alive. It can connect, nourish the soul and taste damn fine. By making the effort to eat well and cook wholesome, real food it has given me a totally new outlook on life and a huge lift in energy so I can do more of what I love.

It also means I’m always the one organising dinner parties, feeding anyone who walks in my door and organising my friends to go out to dinner with me. It’s a really special thing to bond over breaking bread.

It inspired me to start my blog, and 2 years down the track I spend my days between blogging, managing social media for a bank and work with other food businesses on their digital presence.

Without further ado, I’d like to share my 5 favourite recipes with you!

1. Sour Cherry Frozen Yoghurt

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

This recipe was one of the tastiest set treats I’ve made and perfect for a healthier option to ice cream. Made with yoghurt and coconut cream, this frozen yoghurt recipe would be perfect to master as we come into the warmer months. Personally, I’m hanging out for Summer and will then basically live on this!

2. Homemade Baked Beans

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

I loved baked beans of the tinned variety but don’t love the long list of extra ingredients, so making your own at home is not only funner, but better for you and cheaper! This baked beans recipe is perfect for a quick but indulgent Saturday morning brunch and the beans are basically begging for crunchy sourdough bread to soak up the tomato goodness. Topped with a grating of fresh parmesan and some finely chopped parsley and basil and you’ll have one happy belly.

Added bonus – I bet most of the ingredients are in your pantry!  The bread featured in the picture is a GF nut and seed loaf, also featured on DTS.

3. Avocado Pancakes

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

Firstly, eating breakfast is so so important. It kick starts your metabolism, can be a great opportunity to start your day eating the right way, reduces snacking throughout the day and reduces your chance of heart disease  by 50%. They are some great reasons to clear your schedule this Saturday and start your weekend right. Take the time to make yourself a delicious, nutritious breakfast on Saturday morning. These avocado pancakes are amazing and something different! Top with a fried egg or some cherry tomato salsa for a summery fix.

4. Oven Baked Herby Fries

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

Now although I try to avoid processed foods at home, that isn’t to say you can’t eat delicious fries. You just have to re-adjust the way you cook them. These oven baked herby fries with a paprika chipotle sauce (all made from delicious homemade ingredients) are the perfect indulgent snack or side dish to go with some oven baked fish.

5. Kale and Quinoa Patties

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

Being vegetarian, I am often challenged when trying to find a vegetarian burger patty substitute that isn’t filled with micro soy protein or preservatives. So I made my own kale and quinoa crumbed patty which is a staple in our household, especially as they can be frozen and are quite delicious cold on some salad leaves the next day. They are amazing inside burger buns and little kiddies love them! You can even make smaller versions and call them ‘quinoa nuggets!’.

Thanks for having me Malinda! If you’re a fan of simple, tasty, wholesome vegetarian recipes come on over and say hi! Have a wonderful day and eat something delicious, Bec xx

My Friday Favourites Guest Bec Dancing through Sundays

Thank you Bec for sharing some of your favourite recipes with us, I am never lost for ideas of what to cook when I visit your site. 🙂 

What is on your #MyFridayFavourites list this week?
Eaten anything delicious you want to rave about?

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