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The New Year is looming and so are those resolutions. You know, those well intention-ed promises we make to ourselves at the start of every year to better our lives. The same ones that most us stop doing before the month is even over. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too. But this year, I have decided to get a head start on my resolutions. Last week I spoke about improving our recycling efforts, this week I thought we could focus on exercise. Don’t run, or rather click, away from me just yet. Exercise can be a scary word, so let’s just say move instead. Essentially I think that if we can create a good habit now, it will be easier to keep those new year resolutions.

I enjoy moving and once I get moving I’m all good but my big problem is getting the momentum going and keeping it going. I am terrible, I will skip a workout for lots of different reasons – the kids are sick, I’m going away, too busy with work, it’s cold, it’s raining, I don’t have time, it’s Monday … whatever the excuse is, once I stop I really struggle to get back into it again.

We know all the excuses, and most of us know the solution and what we need to remind ourselves of.

I’m too tired >> I always feel better afterwards
No time >> Prioritise it and ditch the lazy stuff
I’ve got kids >> Do something different and take them with you
Just don’t like it >> don’t think of it as exercise, just moving

I don’t know what the solution is to get the initial motivation to get moving. Everyone is different and you just have to find it within yourself to get up and move. But once you do, how do you keep that momentum going? Yes, you do something for 21 days and it becomes second nature, so they say. But what happens when, like me, you skip a day or two and it turns into a week, then a month?

How do we get the motivation to do continue something we don’t always want to do?

Just do it! No, this isn’t a Nike advert, but there is something in this. It is all about willpower and just getting up and going or lazy becomes normal. First up, be realistic in setting your exercise goals or you will feel disappointed in yourself when you can’t keep up with it and that is a major killer to your motivation. Once you have a routine penciled in try to set a rule to not skip more than 2 workouts in a row. I say 2 because I know that things come up and that sometimes we deserve a sleep in or a lazy day. I’ll often go for a soft workout, just so I’m doing something, anything, just not missing more than 2 in a row. After that I have to start from scratch again.

For some people it might help to have an open commitment. Try to pledge your movement goals to someone else, it is up to you how public you want to make it, but being held accountable and being given praise for ticking that box is pretty empowering. I think it is important to pick someone who will be supportive and positive, not someone who will rub it in your face if you don’t hit your target.

Similarly, use a carrot not a stick! Don’t beat yourself up with ‘I’ll be fat if I don’t’, rather use positive reinforcement and reward yourself for your efforts and think of a treat you can enjoy – a smoothie at the cafe, binge watching your favourite show – just something tangible that stretches above and beyond the feel good high that you will get from moving because sometimes that just isn’t enough.

I’m going to try breaking my lazy habits, dig deep and find that motivation to just do it so I can hit some momentum before the new year strikes and I cheekily make a resolution I can’t keep. Oh, and #sorrynotsorry if you get this song stuck in your head today 🙂

Do you move?
What keeps you motivated?

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