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No doubt you have been watching everyone count down to Christmas, whether it is in an excited frenzy for the celebration, a frazzled search for the perfect gift or a frantic request for an excuse to get out of a loathed get together. But what about New Year? (BTW – It’s only 35 days til Christmas!)

My Brown Paper Packages Week that Was

On the Blog this Week:

I don’t apologise for getting Get up offa that Thing stuck in everyone’s head this week, it is a good song and an even better reminder to just get up and move and create some habits around that naughty e-word before it is time to make our new year resolutions.

You know that line in Lord of the Rings when Sam says to Frodo “If I take one more step, I will be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been”? I thought about how far away from home I have ever been for this weeks Wednesday Wanderlust and I found out where in the world is the farthest from home that I can actually go.

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen to Feed the Little Beasts in my household. This week I thought I’d give you some recipes that are great for the last few weeks of school and even better to pull out during the school holidays and let the kids loose in the kitchen.

After all the busyness of the week I like to end it with some happy thoughts on the best things in life. A quick reflection on what happened during the week that I have gratitude for. Everyone get’s their happiness from different things so I like to find out what makes it to people’s favourite’s list each week.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It

Melissa from Suger Coat It is my regular kick in the butt that I need to make sure I am living the sweet life. Her words always seem to ring true and even though she is talking real life serious stuff she somehow makes me smile, every time. Her happiness is contagious so of course I wanted to know what made her smile. What made her top five favourite things?

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It FamilyMy Wild and Wonderful Family

These guys were always going to be my number one. Even though I’m not sure, this list IS in order of importance at all. My husband and all the weird and wonderful people who make up my family are my all time favourites. Hall of Fame level favourites.  Why? Because they are brave and ridiculous, funny and loyal, and equal parts exciting, tiresome, awesome and special. You know how some people say that friends are the family you choose for yourself, well my family would be the family I’d choose for myself. It’s humble bragging, I’m sure, but they are.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It Home

My House {Suger’s Place}

In June this year we moved into our new home after giving it a little freshen up with paint and some minor renovations. I love this place. I love sitting in the sunshine on the veranda, blogging at the dining room table and most of all I love laying in bed at night and staring at the stars above me. The light and the feel of this place will never not be my favourite thing. I love this house and all the wonderful things it stands for, for us. This house is a win for us on the back of some hard losses. It’ll always be special.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It Beach

The Beach

Practically from birth I was in togs, sunglasses perched on my, probably even then too large, nose. I’m a beach, baby. I love all things surf and sun and sand. And lucky for me I live in an area that boasts some of the world’s best. The sheer volume of backpackers around here is a testament to that. My favourites are The Spit at Mooloolaba and Inskip Point not far from where the barge leaves for Fraser Island. Not only are they beautiful, amazing places to lounge in the sand, but I love them because the beach restores me. One day at the beach is like a two-week vacation anywhere else. Does that happen to you? Maybe you’re a beach baby too. The beach can be our favourite together.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It Green Smoothie

Juicing and Blending Stuff

I’m obsessed with all things green smoothies, vividly coloured juices and glass jars full of wank factor. I know that makes me a bit of a loser, but I’m okay with that. My current obsession is trying to mix the brightest, most amazing colours without crossing over to a muddy brown. What can I say, clearly I’m the kid who likes to play with her food? After all, if you didn’t Instagram it, did it happen?

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It

Telling People What to Do

I’m a first born, what can I say? I love, love, love telling people what to do! I think it’s how I ended up with a blog in the first place. I wanted to talk to people and have them listen. Or at least the appearance that that’s what was happening. SO I blog. I give advice on both of my blogs. Advice to women on how to dress and be confident on Suger Coat It and advice on how to not suck at life at The Leave Home Blog. I love that the interwebs have given me an outlet for my bossy boots self to share what I know. Not to mention loads of new friends I would never have met otherwise! And let’s face it, my relationship with my younger siblings is only improved by me having someone else to boss around.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It Juice

Thank you so much to Melissa for making me smile again and again and for sharing your most fabulous Friday Favourites list. I am craving a brightly coloured juice right now and gearing up for a day at the beach this weekend I think.

My Friday Favourite Suger Coat It Melissa

Share with us, what made your #myfridayfavourites list this week? 
Are you a brightly coloured juice sort of person? 

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