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I kicked off November with my monthly newsletter and was happy to see people downloading this months free wallpaper (take a look, you can see it over there in the side bar), it is a great way for me to start my day seeing that on my desktop and it makes me happy to know that others are doing the same. This week on the blog I shared how I put down all the balls I was juggling to step back and see if I am living a balanced life and what 3 things I think we need to sort out before we start making new years resolutions. For Wednesday Wanderlust I wrote about the close animal encounters I have had during my travels and a few I’d still love to do. One of my tiger photos was shown a lot of love on Instagram which made me smile. Then there was the constant feeding of the people in my house who insist on food being prepared every single night. I know I often struggle to come up with ideas for dinners so for Tasty Thursday this week I shared a bunch of dinner recipes to kick start your grocery list and what to eat this week. Though I won’t be shopping at Aldi for all the reasons Hugzilla pointed out this week!

We all know and love the audacity of Hugzilla because Mel tells it how it is and it is so popular because it is all true. I like to step away from the blissed out mummy blogs and read some real truths (swearing and all). More often than not I am laughing and nodding along to every post. So I wanted to know what made Mel’s favourite’s list, knowing that there would be no BS involved.

My Friday Favourite Hugzilla Blog

Satire, shit-stirring and taking the piss

I try really hard but I just can’t take anything seriously. Piss-taking seems to be my default setting, so it stands to reason that my favourite creatives are all shit-stirrers too: Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, P.J. O’Rourke, Kathleen Hanna, Dave Barry, Pavement, Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Saunders. I love poking fun at ludicrous social rituals. I love satire. And I love that people just don’t get it.

Fanzines and blogging

Back in the pre-digital Dark Ages I used to make my own fanzines: pithy little self-produced magazines with tiny photocopied print-runs. If I sold 30 fanzines at 50 cents a piece I’d consider that a resounding success. Now I’m a blogger. Yesterday I uploaded a post that had over 25 000 views and more than 4000 social media shares in the space of a 24 hour period. Made more money selling fanzines.

Indie music

My favourite bands don’t care about mainstream success and are happy to build a small cult following while making art on their own terms. They are trend-setters, not trend-followers. Innovators and unique thinkers who aren’t afraid to be different. This ethos is what inspires my writing: artists like Pavement, Bikini Kill, The National, Guided By Voices, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Apartments, The Pixies, The Modern Lovers and Richmond Fontaine.


Some people say their favourite things are green smoothies, superfoods, organic kale, meditation, overseas travel and fragrant bouquets of freshly-picked flowers. Good for them. Me, I love cigarettes. I love them with coffee. I love them with beer. Alas, I haven’t smoked in six years but I still miss them terribly and will cheerfully suck down the secondhand smoke of anyone pulling on a dhurry in public. I will literally walk out of my way to do this.

Pubs that smell like beer and stale cigarettes

My favourite thing in the entire world no longer exists: pubs that smell of beer and stale cigarette smoke. I used to love walking into my local, pulling up a stool, cracking open a new packet of Marlboro Lights, sipping on a schooner of VB and flirting with drunk old men at the bar. #YOLO


Thank you so much for your refreshing and honest favourites list Mel.
If you haven’t read Hugzilla blog yet you really must take a visit and have a good laugh.

Do you like a bit of satire?
What is on your #myfridayfavourites list this week? 

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