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I started Christmas planning this week! I know! I also made a pledge to get better at recycling my soft plastics because it was National Recycling Week and I think it should be second nature to try and make our world a better place. I am at a crossroads in my life right now so this week’s Wanderlust was about the crossroads we come across in our travels. Following on from my bunch of dinner recipes I shared a bunch of dessert recipes. And so the week naturally came to this week’s guest being a fellow foodie.

My Friday Fvaourites Marie Phoodie

This week I am delighted to have fellow foodie Marie from Phoodie sharing her top five favourite things with us for My Friday Favourites. I love this time of the week when we all get to just kick back and think of the things we love, the things that make us happy and the things that we are grateful for.

My Friday Favourites Guest Phoodie Cake Emerald City Mint Chocolate CheesecakeCAKE

Cake is happiness. I love making them, serving them and even gifting them. There is no greater present or way to show someone you love them than by making them a cake! I also love cake because there are so many types, flavours, sizes…. Ah cake!


I’ve always loved kids, I mean really loved them. Loved spending time with them, entertaining them and having them entertain me! Well, having my own took all of this to the next level. There’s no person / people on the world I’d rather hang out with every day!

My Friday Favourites Guest Phoodie America Reeses


Everything’s bigger! Better! More fun! It was always a dream of mine to study in the USA and my dreams came true when I was able to attend university in California in 2000. Those were some of the best days of my life! Oh and Americans make the best chocolate bars ever! Reeses anyone?!


I am so grateful every single day that so many people support the work that I do. The work that I love to do. And while I would definitely continue blogging even if I had no one reading it (I guess I’d have to question myself though!!) I am SO motivated by all of the lovely messages and pictures I get sent all the time. The stories that people send to me about their families and their birthday parties and anniversaries etc that centre around PHOODIE recipes is truly very inspiring and motivates me to continue coming up with great new ideas!

My Friday Favourites Guest Phoodie Cold Weather nutella hot choc


Rain, hail, crazy winds, snow. I love it all. Especially when I’m bundled up in the comfort of my own bed with my special Nutella Hot chocolate!

My Friday Favourites Phoodie

Thanks Marie, I’m now hoping for a rainy weekend so I can snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate and some cake. Though we seem to be having daily summer storms at the moment so I won’t hold my breath. I love your passion for food and it really shines through in each and every recipe, it is why we love you. Be sure to pop by Phoodie and drool over her recipes.

What’s on your #myfridayfavourites list this week? 
What is the last cake you baked? 

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