Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls

It seems everyone is getting into the craze of making their very own homemade bliss balls. Never heard of them, you say? Well it is time you come out from under that rock you have been living under and indulge in some yummy Bliss Balls snacks.

A Bliss Ball is essentially a tasty bite sized snack that is rolled into a ball. Most recipes are full of dried fruit and rolled in coconut but you can find alternatives to this if you wish. And as with any decent snack time recipe you can make it healthy, or not. This is up to you. I’ve made a few different versions and to be honest, every time I make bliss balls they are different, depending on what I have in the cupboard and what I feel like. This time here is how I made them:

      • 1 cup apricots
      • 1 cup dates
      • ½ cup rolled oats
      • ¼ cup skim milk powder
      • ½ cup desiccated coconut plus extra for rolling
      • 1 tbs cocoa
      • Splash of hot water

Whizz everything up together, make it as smooth or chunky as you prefer. Roll into balls, roll in coconut and store in the fridge until gobbled up.

You could use nuts, coconut oil, cacao, chia, goji berries, figs, apple – like I said, whatever you have.

These are sweet, delicious and usually relatively guilt free. They go great with a cup of tea and just as well in the kids lunch box.

Do you have a favourite bliss ball combination?

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