DIY Colour Dip Chair

colour dip chair

Have you noticed, colour dip chairs and stools are very popular right now and seem to be popping up everywhere, but they aren’t exactly cheap. I have a plain wooden stool that I use as a side table that I have been wanting to makeover for a while now and I finally got around to it. This is how you can make your own DIY colour dip chair on a budget.

Step 1. GATHER

Chair Before

Take a wooden chair or stool – one you have at home, a second hand one or buy a cheap one at Ikea.

Get a sample pot of paint – I was lucky enough to get mine for free during a promotion but you can pick them up for about $5. The fun part is picking which colour you will do!

Gather your thoughts and decide how you want your finished piece to look. Do you want to ‘dip’ from the top down or bottom up? I decided to go top down.


Tape your paint line

Measure where you want the paint to stop and use some masking tape to wrap around each leg to get a nice clean straight edge to your ‘dip’.

If you can disassemble your chair, do it. It will help you get a nice clean professional finish around the joins.

What you will need

Lightly sand your surface and wipe down with a clean damp cloth.

Set up an area where you can paint and leave it to dry undisturbed by anyone. This was a challenge for me. Between two very inquisitive little girls and my dog I had to stay on high alert. Also, my stool legs wouldn’t stand on their own so I simply clamped them between two pieces of wood to hold them while they were painted.

Step 3. PAINT

Paint your chair

Make sure you give your paint a good stir before starting and use a clean paint brush. With long even strokes paint your wood and leave to dry for two hours between coats.

For a thick finish I did 4 coats of paint. You might not want to do this many, just stop when you get the desired look you are after. This will also depend on your paint.

Leave your paint to dry for at least 24-48 hours before re-assembling.

You may also wish to do a top coat to seal in your paint and get a smooth finish.

You’re done.

Sharp paint lines

Sit back and admire your cheap as chips colour dip chair that gives your room a pop of colour!

What colour would you love to colour dip?

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