Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers


I don’t know what it is like at your place for Easter but at my house the children are always up early to see if the Easter Bunny has been and it is getting into the colder weather and the garden is usually covered in a thick dew. As you can imagine, or perhaps experienced first hand, this makes it very difficult for the Easter Bunny to leave his chocolates around because they get all wet and yucky. In previous years he has used some coloured shredded paper to make little nests to put the eggs in which was fun. This year he decided that he might leave some Easter Flowers around the garden instead.

This is a really cute idea for Easter and is something you can do with things you probably already have in your cupboard. This is the perfect last minute Easter activity that you can do the night before and look like lots of effort went into it. All you need to make your own Easter Flowers are some mini cupcake cases, wooden skewers and small Easter chocolates.

Fold flower cupcake cases

The first step is to fold each cupcake case in half 4 times as shown in the image above. Then use a pair of sharp scissors to simply cut the larger end, which will be the outside edge of the case, into a pattern. Above I have cut a simple curve, experiment and try a few different techniques for different effects.

Finished Flowers

Next, you simply thread a couple of the cases onto the skewer, layer your colours for a bright effect and do as many as you like.

Skewer through centre

And to finish you pop a chocolate egg onto the tip of the skewer so it is nestled into the cases, or flower petals.

Chocolate on top


Note that I kept all the little off cut pieces from the cases. I put these into a little bag and added some glitter and talcum powder so I can sprinkle it around the nibbled on carrots and in the bottom of the plants. Just a little extra bunny magic to delight the kids.

Come Easter morning all you have to do is wake up before the kids do, or have someone distract them while you run around outside and “plant” your flowers all over the garden. Then watch your kids eyes light up in wonder as they see all the bright colours, discover the chocolate centres and run around “picking” their Easter flowers.

You could also have a foam block or vase for them to stick them into as they find them so you can make a pretty centrepiece for the table.

This is a quick, easy and fun way to do an Easter egg hunt, especially in wet or dewy weather.

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