My First Time

My First Time

I am about to embark on a new chapter in my life, it is one not-so-small step for my daughter and one giant leap for me. I am a school mum! I have read many stories recently of school gate antics, the bitchy clicks, the politics, the show offs, and oh my the lunch box creations! Pressure much?! I’ve decided to shake it all off, I’m not going to parade around and play their games, I’m going to focus on my daughter and what is best for her. This is what I am doing to prepare for my first time as a school mum and what it all means.

It means getting her to school on time and if that means no primping for me then so be it. Sorry to all the fabulously fit mummies in skimpy designer gym-wear and full make-up. Sorry to the suit wearing mafia attached to their latest gadget. Sorry to the ever so stylish crew that are fresh from their latest manicure wearing the latest outfits with perfectly straightened hair. Sorry to the dad’s ranking all the mums on a scale of hot to not.

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It means giving her a lunch box full of delicious food that is good for her and that she will happily eat. Sorry to the vegan, the allergy free, the gluten free, the organic, the high protein, the paleo, the sugar-free, the-whatever-the-latest-fad-is. Sorry to the picture perfect, pinterest worthy lunchboxes out there. I do have a Pinterest board of realistic lunch box ideas but only time will tell how I go with this.

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It means having an amazing afternoon tea prepared for after school snacks because I want to avoid the end of day grumps and sleepiness.

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It means having a list of slow cooker recipes ready to go for the one day a week that I have to wrangle the kids to an after school activity and home just in time for dinner. I’m not going to have time to cook, when kids are hungry they are hungry right now, not in ten minutes time.

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It means having a list of activities to keep my youngest happily distracted from the fact that her amazing big sister is no longer by her side all day. Seriously, I think she is going to need a lot of distraction and I am probably going to over compensate for her sister not being there. Because that’s just what we do, right?

I’ve done the big start of school shop. We have shoes, socks, uniforms, hats, bags, the book pack, the lunch box stuff, drink bottles and labels for everything. Yet I still feel like I am forgetting something. So I have gone the extra mile. I have even put together a little pack of goodies for her bag – lipgloss, tissues, spare hairbands, paw paw cream, and hand sanitiser. I know, a girl can never be too prepared. I’m thinking about doing the cute little notes in her lunch box, though am hesitant to start something I probably wont be able to keep up with so am thinking of making it a special Friday thing so she knows it is the weekend. There are even hairstyle ideas, though I might find it hard to convince her to have anything other than a ponytail. I even have the camera all charged and ready to go for those first day snaps.

Funny thing is, I know she will be fine, no school yard antics for her, no stress over the lunch box, not a care in the world.

And yes, I am a Pinterest addict, it is a blessing and a curse.

What was your first day of school experience like?
Do you have any advice for this first time school mum?
Does anyone have any non-wintery slow cooker or pre-prepared meal ideas?

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