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This week’s guest is Emily. You may know of her from You learn something new every day (YLSNED) but more recently she is writing at EmHawker Blog. In her own words, she is “a stay-at-home mum, wife, daughter, reluctant housewife, writer, editor, blogger, serial winner of 25-words-or-less competitions, former marketeer, recovering chocoholic, wordsmith, pianist and geek”. You know, that’s all. 🙂 Behind all of that I wanted to know what her favourite things are.



Look at these people. LOOK AT THEM. Of course they’re my favourite things!

Family December 2015 1

Seriously, these three perform miracles. Oxymoronic miracles. They keep me grounded and give me wings. They share my highest highs and my lowest lows. They push me beyond self-inflicted boundaries and make me aware of my limits. And they forgive me when I wax lyrical about them for bloggy favourite lists.


I love all things about the written word. Reading it. Writing it. Listening to it being spoken. Tracing etymologies. Studying language patterns. Mapping sentence structures and meanings. Syntax. Semantics. Phonetics. Linguistics. BRING IT ON. My name is Emily Hawker, and I’m a logophile. Or word nerd, if you prefer.


If words are my true passion, then music is my back-up passion. (Can you have a back-up passion? Sure you can.) I play piano and I (used to) sing. And I love most things about music. Reading it. Playing it. Listening to it. Creating it. But… scales? Arpeggios? Sight reading practice? Gah. Not so much. That’s why the words win.

photo 1


I’ve actually quit chocolate. For the third time in my life. But it’s still one of my favourite things. I miss it SOOOO much! And since quitting, I’ve been surprised at what I miss the most. It’s not the blocks I used to consume daily, or the pre-packaged treats. It’s the slices and cakes. My mum made a hedgehog slice at Christmas and I think I opened the container to inhale that heavenly scent every 10 minutes hours.


I love spending time with mine and my husband’s families. I love the excitement on the kids’ faces, the food and the toasts to family members who couldn’t be with us. I love the crap bon-bon jokes, the paper crowns and the laughter. I even love the homemade tree decorations, and look forward to the day that our entire tree is covered in them.

photo 2

And I love that my builder hubby always has leave for at least two weeks over Christmas and New Year. Which brings me back to family…


Thanks for joining in #myfridayfavourites Emily. I love how passionate you are about words, it is a beautiful relationship to watch. I love just as much that you followed it up with chocolate. You must almost be at 6 months now?

Be sure to check out Emily’s blog, EmHawker and share with us, what is on your #myfridayfavourites list this week. Is chocolate on yours?

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