Friday Favourite: Strayed from the Table

This week I am pleased to introduce you to Lizzie from the fabulous blog Strayed from the Table where food is kept honest by creating seasonal recipes, making from scratch, and encouraging us all to grow your own, and to source locally and ethically. I just love the concept of living naturally and Lizzie is so inspiring in the way she shares how her family are doing just this. I am really excited to share her favourite things.

Friday Favourite Lizzie Strayed Table

Our family has just moved away from our farm life to live closer to family and friends which is only 15 minutes away from the beach and mountains. Over the past couple of weeks what I love has really come back to life. My passion is in overdrive with my new found energy is embracing the simple life.

Friday Favourite Strayed Table Family


Since Isla (our daughter) came into our lives, Roy (hubby) and I have really wanted to change the focus of what we were trying to achieve. After slogging it out for three years setting up a farm from scratch all while Roy worked in PNG and worked FIFO (fly in fly out). We soon realised that spending quality time with each other as well as having family time with Isla was crucial to living a better life. I am blessed that I now have Roy home each day, he comes home early each day to spend time with Isla. The move also gets us closer to my sister and parents in law, both half an hour away. So much love now.

Friday Favourite Strayed Table Veggies


I am a huge advocate for supporting farmers and buying local. If you can’t do that then I reckon you should start digging a veggie patch in your garden today. After spending 2 years selling my own homegrown produce, I know the effort that goes in to get food to the table. Everywhere I have ever lived I have had some sort of veggie or herb garden to provide freshness to each meal. I have started a project called the Garden Share Collective to encourage more people to grow their own clean food. (I am not a vegetarian either)

Friday Favourite Strayed Table Food


The saying goes ‘ you can’t take the country out of the girl’ is 100% true. Since leaving home and eating meat and three veg for every meal I have discovered the world of food. We are talking about using herbs and spices in ways I have never heard of and ingredients I never knew existed. I have always eaten well and majority of my meals are pretty healthy. The last ten years I have worked as a cook in numerous places around West End in Brisbane to then write recipes for local papers. I love sharing my food secrets and adventures. I want other people to explore food and love it just as much as I do. Cooking for my friends and family is always a thrill as I like to pull out the goods for them and make them something special that you wouldn’t normally cook for just yourself. I have experimented with so many cuisines but at the end of the day I like simple food packed with flavour and doesn’t take long to make.

Friday Favourite Strayed Table Travel


I went backpacking when I was 20 and got hooked on exploring the world ever since. My parents use to take us on road trip holidays to explore Australia and I always wanted to see more. My bucket list of places to see is still long and now we have started a family I am sure it may take a little longer to get to some of them. Though we did manage to get Isla to Alice Springs when she was 6 months old. Travelling to me is an education on life. The opportunity to open your eyes and experience how others live, eat and their daily rituals is amazing.

Friday Favourite Strayed Table Beach


This is a recent rediscovery for me. I use to love the beach, the sun heating your skin making it tingle when the breeze swept over your body. To jumping in to the cool irregular water which splashes up against your body while you rise and fall with its movements. Then returning home with the taste of salt on your skin. It is a place for deep thinking, relaxing and giving your body some minerals and vitamin D. It has been years since I really loved the beach but I am in love again. How could I not when I have a little cherub to show the possibilities of the water.

My Friday Favourites Lizzie Strayed Table

Thank you Lizzie, I love the pure way in which you approach life. Our little backyard veggie patch is doing well and starting to perk up again now that the cooler weather has passed, but I like to substitute this with baskets of goodies from our local farmers markets as often as I can. After all, you are what you eat and I do love to eat!

Please remember to check out Strayed from the Table after you share with us what made your #myfridayfavourites list this week.

Do you have your own Veggie Patch?

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