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Stretching over 3000kms the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is home to the world’s largest coral reef and one of Australia’s, if not the world’s most amazing natural beauties. The famous Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1981.

My Great Barrier Reef Experience

I wrote about my Great Barrier Reef experience yesterday and mention that I snorkeled here, please don’t ask me which of the 3000 odd reef systems I saw. But I did see sharks, nemo (ok, technically a clown fish but doesn’t everyone try and spot ‘nemo’ now?), the coral and the wonder and beauty of it all was totally entralling. But I would love to get my diving license and get down deeper to see some real action. This is why the Great Barrier Reef is still on my Wanderlust list.

Wanderlust Great Barrier Reef Diving

So, as I am prone to do, I did a little research into how to get a diving license. I found that a 5 day open water PADI learn to dive course is only $905, where you not only get to learn how to do it and get your C card but you get to do 9 dives while staying on board a boat including some outer reef dives, and a night dive. As well as your accommodation, equipment and meals. Seriously good value if you ask me! My only problem is if I would pass the medical declaration due to my asthma 🙁

Stinger season is November to May which is also the best season to go diving, so it is a toss up whether to don the ever so lovely stinger suit or visit outside these times. Fashion has never been my strong suit so I would probably be fine with wearing the ugly thing.

Wanderlust Great Barrier Reef Turtle

The Great Barrier Reef has the worlds largest collection of corals, over 1500 species of tropical fish, along with hundreds of types of birds, reptiles and other animals call this home. It is the breeding ground for humpback whales that migrate along the coast of Australia every year, there is the massive dugong and the ever impressive Green Sea Turtle. What’s not to love?

Wanderlust Great Barrier Reef Aerial

On the flip side I would love to see it from the air as well. To cruise along the airwaves and gaze down on the splendour of it all from far above. Did you know that it the only living thing on earth that is visible from space – awesome huh! And it is bigger than the Great Wall of China. It is about the same size as Italy – seriously!

It is guesstimated by the experts to probably be about 20 million years old! I want to see more of it before climate change destroys it. The warmer ocean temperatures are putting stress on the coral which is leading to coral bleaching. There is also the slow but steady affect of pollution (mainly from agricultural river run off) and heavy tourism traffic.

Wanderlust Great Barrier Reef Coral Fish

The Great Barrier Reef in all its natural beauty is really awe-some and I can not help but dream of floating in it and above it for this week’s wanderlust.

Can you scuba dive?
Have you visited the Great Barrier Reef? 

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