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Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Train

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the Russian railway that connects the European railway to the Chinese railway and is one of the longest railway lines (9,289 km’s) in the world spanning 7 time zones. It is a safe, comfortable and affordable train journey that takes you across one third of the world, so of course it is on my wanderlust list.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Map

Moscow to Vladivostok is a 6 night journey where you can then take a 2 night ferry to Japan or South Korea. You can also head to China from here on the Mongolian line or the Manchurian line.


I think however that Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia would be the most interesting route. It leaves Moscow every Tuesday night and takes 6 nights to travel the 7,621 km’s across Mongolia and the Gobi Desert before entering China and stopping at Beijing.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Mongolia

May to September would be the best time because it will be Summer with warmer days and longer sunlight to see all of the world passing by your window. I think that a 2nd class Kupe, 4 berth sleeper would be fine. A one way ticket is around $900 (AUD) which is a bargain when you consider that you are getting almost 8,000 km’s of travel, a bed for 6 nights and a memorable travel experience.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Moscow

If there were only 2 of you, you may want to upgrade to a 2 berth first class cabin, though it is double the price. And if money really didn’t matter, then you could book a luxury trip like the Golden Eagle which is up to $30,995 for an imperial suite for a 15 day tour from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Golden Eagle

Obviously you would want to stop off on the way and not just travel a week straight from one end to the other. I’d recommend using either Bryn Thomas’s Trans Siberian Handbook or Lonely Planet’s latest edition (which is due out in a couple of weeks) to choose where you might want to stop, but I think you would want about 2 weeks. (Affiliate Links)

Trans Siberian Handbook                 Lonely Planet Trans Siberian Railway

You could start in London and catch the train down to Moscow (about $385 AUD), then book your individual tickets for the remainder of the journey. It is not a hop on hop off sort of ticket, so you need to make careful plans of what you want to do. The price will increase when you book separate tickets for each stop off, but not too much, plus the added cost of accommodation wherever you stop.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Gobi Desert

I can really picture myself travelling this route and spending my quiet days watching the scenery slide past outside and writing some sort of epic novel.

Wanderlust Trans-Siberian Railway Gobi and Siberia

The biggest decision is, should I travel the route East or West? 
Would you love to do a long train journey like this? 
Where is your #wednesdaywanderlust to this week? 

Images are not my own – sourced from Wikipedia, Railway Sites and Wallpapers. 

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