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Helping you to create happiness in your everyday life.

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Hello, my name is Malinda and My Brown Paper Packages is a reflection of my favourite things in life. I share simple ways to create an inspired, beautiful and happy lifestyle.


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After 4 years of doing the hard yards and supporting myself while I completed my studies at university, I spent time in the corporate world before taking a turn in the design world. I have travelled, I have lived overseas, but I still call Australia home. As a mother to 2 beautiful girls I am lucky enough to have my days filled with giggles, sticky craft glue and cupcake decorations.

This blog is my creative outlet, my way of connecting with people and sharing the happiness. Sometimes it is a challenge to juggle everything that family life throws at you as well as such a time consuming project as this but I do enjoy it, especially when I see the difference I can make in someone’s day.

My Brown Paper Packages is about creating happiness through sharing stories of my favourite things to inspire my readers. I want you to feel inspired to reflect on your life and make the choice to re-prioritise what you do so that everything contributes to your happiness. Cook the recipes, make something creative, plan to travel to experience things, and find what it is that makes you happy. And then pass on this happiness.


my travel stories & advice

Travel is a passion of mine and since the age of 14 I have given up a lot to pursue this. I also believe that people get lazy and forget to explore their hometown or ‘own backyard’. I want to inspire you with tales of travel that I have in my ‘Backyard & Beyond’. I also share general travel advice and tips to help people make the most of their journeys, no matter how far from home you go.

There is a weekly feature that is a lot of fun, where I encourage my readers to get involved with my #wednesdaywanderlust. Travel isn’t always an option and this gives you a chance to dream a little, do some armchair travel, share your experiences and give your opinion and advice on different travel topics. I have now turned this into a weekly travel link party so that like minded people can connect and share their travel related stories.

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my recipes & reviews

I might not be the next Nigella, Donna Hay or Julia Child and most nights, as I am sure many family households can attest to, it’s a chore to cook dinner. But I do like to dabble in the kitchen and I find I spend a lot of time in there. Thankfully, my husband’s cooking skills go beyond the bbq, and together we have produced some amazing meals. Really, we love food, good food and I want to share with you all the amazing things I have tasted and want to eat ‘On My Plate’, both homemade and not so homemade. I also give my reviews of places I have eaten, foods to try and buy. I try to give a good mix of healthy and decadent foods so there is something for everyone, including the kids.

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handmade & DIY

visit my shopI like making stuff. It’s fun, sometimes thrifty and it means I get exactly what I want. Things don’t always turn out as planned but that’s ok, handmade stuff is unique and full of love. Creativity is a big part of my daily happiness and I encourage it in others whenever I can. To help you on your creative journey I have a shop where I sell my own notepad and stationery designs along with some great little colourful additions for your creative drawer.


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my favourite things & random ramblings

I share all of the awesome things in my life and things I have on my wishlist too. I write about how you can live a happier life with simple things you can really put into action. The rest is simply random ramblings, voicing my opinion on any matter of things and hey, that’s my prerogative because this here is my little creative space.

I also have a feature called ‘Friday Favourites’ where I have special guests share their five favourite things at the moment. This has been such a rewarding and fun feature on the blog and I encourage everyone to get involved each week and share your own #myfridayfavourites list with us and reflect on all of the things that you loved about the week and are grateful for.

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I believe it is important to keep learning. I am writing to share, inspire and encourage others to learn and to make their lives happier and more beautiful. I am here to chat, swap stories, and learn from each other so please comment. And if you love what you see please share it, like it, pin it, tweet it and spread the love. You can also email me on {hello at mybrownpaperpackages dot com} – no SPAM please. And while I realise that the Internet loosens any control of ownership I request that you give credit where credit is due.

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