5 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

When it rains everyone goes a little stir crazy in my house. It doesn’t have to rain for days on end for this to happen, just the mere thought of not having the freedom to go outside seems to trigger the craziness. I know I’m not alone in this. But I have decided that we don’t have to let the rain ruin your day. No matter what your age here are some great ideas for a boring rainy day and how you can actually enjoy it.

5 ways to enjoy a rainy day

5 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Day

Dress Ups

Grab the dress up box or just use whatever clothes are in the cupboard and have some fun with them. Kids tend to turn this into their own game either acting out the roles or doing a fashion parade and will quickly get distracted and turn this into hours of fun. Do some wacky hair do’s, pull out the make up and face paint or have a competition as to who can put the most amount of clothes on at once.


There is something about rainy weather that makes you want to eat, and it is usually some sort of comfort food. To start with, use up some time by flicking through your cookbooks and saved recipes together to decide on something to make. Then get everyone in the kitchen and work together to cook something – cakes, cookies, pizzas, flavoured popcorn. Let everyone have a job and worry about the mess later on.

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Go Outside

The best solution when you are stuck inside is to break the rules and go outside. Pack a bag, grab your umbrellas and head outside on an adventure. Jump in the puddles, look at spider webs glittering with raindrops, try to find the frogs croaking. You could just stay in your own backyard, walk around your neighbourhood or head to a local park. Let go of your inhibitions and let them go wild, mud washes off and you can dry off and warm up when you get home again. You might even spot a rainbow if the rain is starting to clear.

Build a Cubby House

Grab your sheets and build a cubby house/ fort/ princess castle/ dragon cave/ insert imagination here! Fill it with cushions and blankets and teddies and have some pretend play, watch a movie in there, read some books, eat the snacks you made together earlier. If you are lucky the kids will be happy to do this on their own and you can build your own cushioned fort in your own bed with a movie, coffee and sneaky chocolate bar!

Quiet Games

We have quiet time in the afternoon to wind down ready for night time. It is up to you if you do this together or spend some time alone but let everyone grab some puzzles, colouring in, lego, whatever it is that makes your kids sit still for a little while. You might want to string up some fairy lights and cozy up in the cubby house together and read some books.


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