Instructions Rainbow PomPoms

Rainbow Pom Pom

Instructions for Rainbow Tissue Paper PomPoms

1. Cut a standard size piece of tissue paper in half (or leave at full size if you want bigger pompoms).

2. Select your colours and stack tissue paper into a neat pile with all edges lined up. I had 2 sheets of each colour – purple, blue, green, yellow, blue and pink. You can make your pom pom all one colour or alternate coloured sheets or really create whatever pattern you like.

3. Concertina fold your pile of tissue paper along the short edge. Make each fold about 1 inch wide. If your last fold is too short just trim it off so that all of the folds are even. Once finished fold in half length ways.

4. Cut the ends to shape. I like the rounded ends, but you can leave them straight or cut a point or a frill. It is up to you. I kept my little bits of tissue paper I cut off and made some confetti to sprinkle on the tables and in the party bags and inside present wrapping. It’s messy but so much fun for the kids.

5. Tie something around the centre fold. This helps hold it all together and gives you something to hang it from. This time I used small elastic hair bands. Previously I have used thin wire. You can even just tie your string or ribbon straight on. Either way you may also like to tie your ribbon or string on that you will be hanging it by now as it can be tricky to do once your paper is fluffed out.

6. Gently tease each sheet of tissue paper apart on each side of your fold. Fluff them to get a nice even ball shape. If you want to sit them on tables or hang them flat on the wall you could also just open the sheets onto one side to make a semi circle that will sit flat.

rainbow tissue pom poms

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