Kids Rainbow Chevron Birthday Party

Blanked Invite

I can’t help myself when it comes to celebrating my girls birthdays. I love everything about it, except maybe the clean up afterwards. This party was to be a joint party for them both, something I may not always be able to get away with, but while they are only 4 and 1 I’m going to take advantage of it, so it had to have a theme that they would both love. I thought that rainbows would be perfect this year. Bright, colourful and lots of fun. Instead of having an actual rainbow, which I thought may be a bit tacky, I instead used the popular chevron pattern and really just lots of colour. So I created a rainbow chevron pattern that I used on the invitations, a bunting for the table, thank you stickers for the party boxes, and for home made paper pin-wheels.

Party Bunny

For decorations I made some rainbow tissue paper pom poms and hung them clustered above the cake table. We hung big bunches of coloured balloons and I made confetti from the pom pom offcuts that I sprinkled all over the table tops. There were of course party hats and lolly necklaces for everyone and I made the girls a felt crown each that they can add to their dress up boxes.

Rainbow Party

The rainbow theme was continued with the food. I had a stand of coloured popcorn conesrainbow layered jelly cups, fairy bread (of course!), rainbow fruit skewers, rainbow mini marshmallows, rainbow candy bracelets, and jelly beans. To balance out the sugar overload we also had cheese and cracker platters, savoury pastry scrolls and Vegemite sandwiches. We filled one of the kids plastic toy buckets with drinks and ice and had a big jug of water on hand. The catering was simple and all prepared prior to the party starting as I didn’t want to spend any party-time standing in the kitchen.

Fruit Skewers

The girls had a play list of their favourite music – Justine Clarke, the Wiggles and Disney featured heavily. And we played a few games like Musical statues, Balloon Pop (after playing Simon says with the balloon they then had to try and pop the balloon to get the jelly bean inside) and had a Bubble Blowing session. The backyard was set up with a little ball pit, the sand play table and the kids little table and chairs for those who like to sit still to eat.

Party Cakes

And of course no party can be without cake. Actually in this case, 2 cakes. In hindsight I think that if they ever have a joint party again they will have to settle on one cake between them as it was a mammoth task to create both cakes in one time frame. When we were kids we each got to pick a cake out of the ‘Women’s Day Big Birthday Cake Book’. The process would usually start a month or two before our big day, scouring the book over and over trying to chose to perfect cake. As we got older the requests were a little trickier for Mum as we would pick different elements from different cakes – I like this colour, those flowers, this shape and maybe a marble cake inside please Mum. All credit to my Mum, the cakes were always exactly what we wanted. And so, the tradition continues with my kids, and I love it.

Rainbow Jelly Cups

Now I must admit we actually had 4 cakes over the 2 weeks of celebrations. Lucky Miss 1 had a giant cupcake on her birthday that we let her smash and then a rainbow layered cake for the party. Miss 4 took some mini red velvet cakes to school and while I had secretly hoped she would chose the same number 4 cake with fangipani’s that I so fondly remember from my own party, she chose a Princess dolly-varden style cake for the party.

Party Boxes

I think the trickiest part of the whole thing was choosing the right time to have the party. With Miss 1 only just having learnt how to sleep properly we really couldn’t afford to ruin her nap-time schedule, and we couldn’t make Miss 4 wait all day to have an afternoon party. In the end it was an early Sunday morning party which worked out well as it was over before the backyard got too hot. And I suppose the other tricky thing was the guest list. Unfortunately you can’t invite everyone to these things and as your kids get older they start to get very particular about who they do and don’t want to invite, making it slightly awkward for some friends. And then there are the inevitable last minute cancellations that happen with kids parties, where it is a matter of quick interference and distraction so that the party girl doesn’t get upset.

Rainbow Pompoms

It was a great day. The girls both had a fabulous time playing with their friends, eating party food and they received some amazing gifts.

Do you remember your birthday cakes? What was your favourite?

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