Paddock Bakery

Paddock Bakery Coffee

There is a new cafe on the block and it is doing amazingly well. Paddock Bakery is in a popular pocket on the Gold Coast in Miami. The owners have converted an old weatherboard house into a hip little bakery. They have a huge wood fired oven in the back, through which you can even watch the bakers through a massive glass partition as they prepare the days treats. From this oven come the most miraculous delicacies like real sourdough loaves of bread, organic doughnuts drizzled with caramel or cinnamon sugar, gooey sticky yummy scrolls, toasted muesli, and some tasty looking flat breads covered in delicious toppings, among others.

Paddock Bakery

Out in the front window overlooking the front yard full of chairs and a big frangipani tree, the baristas are busy brewing coffee on their shiny new machine. It is hot, mellow and delicious, though personally I think the larger cup could use an extra shot of espresso as standard.

With my little cardboard tray full of goodies, which I suppose I’ll share, and a paper cup of coffee my only problem is finding a spare table to sit at. It is early on a Saturday morning and already this place is busy. The antique railway work bench table inside takes pride of place but is already full so we opt for a nice little table under the tree outside. At the front gate is a large bowl of water for the dogs to slosh around in and there are plenty of people turning up on their bikes.

Paddock Bakery Garden

The garden is dotted with old boxes and wheelbarrows filled with colourful flowers. Down the side of the house is a newly sewn garden full of bright green herbs and veggies. And there is a big garden bench outside that I am really envious of.

Just one street back from the Gold Coast Highway it is easy to find and will be much better now that the off street car park is ready to use, as it is hard to get a park in this area otherwise.

Paddock Bakery Sourdough Loaf

After filling up on yummy treats and caffeine we grabbed a sourdough loaf to take home and headed down the road to the local farmers markets.  This was a great place to grab some early breakfast before getting into the day.

They start serving coffee from 6:30 and food is ready about 7 which is early for most places on the GC and a welcome addition to our families early routine. They open Wednesday to Sunday. I recommend that you go and check them out at 20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami.

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