Heatwave with Kids

heatwave with kids

I have just tucked my girls into bed and had a cold shower on a hot night. This is one of my favourite things. Now I am preparing the house for the heatwave that is about to hit us for the next few days. I have been watching the weather reports as towns have almost reached 50 degrees (Celsius) this week and now it is our turn.

Thankfully my girls have plenty of new things to play with that they were given for Christmas so I will be able to keep them happily entertained at home, inside, with the air conditioning on. But I need to keep them cool and hydrated as well. My girls are both good with drinking lots of water but that can get boring and I know I’m not usually very hungry when I’m hot so I decided to get organised and fill the freezer with plenty of things to get us through this heatwave.

I have stocked up the freezer with plenty of ice. I made some basic juicy ice blocks in those nifty little trays with sippers on the bottom. Mangoes are in season and I have a fridge full of them so we made some fresh mango granita. There are also some frozen yoghurts which always go down a treat. And I’ve just thrown in a couple of fresh oranges too. And we mustn’t forget our fur-babies in this heat – ours got some special frozen treats for Christmas which will be perfect and he likes a frozen bone from the butchers too.

We will probably play some water activities to cool down. Simple things like bathing the dolls (or dinosaurs) in a big dish, painting with water and small colourful sponges, splashing in the pool (or the bath if its too hot outside). If my kids were a bit older I would probably set up an ice excavation where you dig toys out of a block of ice.

How are you planning on keeping cool when the weather heats up?

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