2 kids, a tent & the zoo

2 kids a tent and a zoo

This weekend we packed up the car and headed up to Caloundra to pitch our tent. Yes, we took the kids. People often seem surprised that we take Miss 4 and Miss 1 camping. Perhaps all they can imagine is the constant stream of sand and dirt inside, the meal planning, the bath time juggle and the lack of a night time routine. But we see our girls enjoying play time in the outdoors, eating picnics under the trees, getting excited by a simple walk over to the shower block and thrilled to be outside at night watching the stars and spinning glow sticks. This trip was more than being just about camping. This trip we went to the zoo as well. Yes, incredulous people, we traveled with 2 kids, a tent and went to the zoo.

kids camping

Our campsite was a bit different to what we are used to. It was a bit too close to the main road and town. This meant that there were street lights blaring down on our tent creating an ethereal glow all night long. We heard the drunkards arguing on their way home. We heard the hoons revving their engines at the traffic lights. The kids playground was very good with a giant jumping pillow and a freezing cold pool that would have been fantastic if it were a bit warmer.

I made some of my yummy scrolls to munch on, some with spinach and feta  and some with salami and mozzarella. I also took a batch of balsamic caramel popcorn for those night time munchies after the girls went to sleep. And of course a bunch of dehydrated food including some amazing rockmelon.

The zoo was a hit for everyone. We spent the day patting animals and learning all about them. I could go on and on about how amazing it was but everyone loves a zoo and knows this already. So instead I will bombard you with photos.

Zoo Photos 2 Zoo Photos 3 Zoo Photos

On the way home we stopped at a mango stall and had to make it all the way back home with the delightful smell of mangoes wafting through the car. We tried to visit a couple of different strawberry farms but unfortunately none were open on a Monday.

It was great to getaway for the weekend with our 2 kids, a tent and the zoo.

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