Balsamic Caramel Apple Popcorn

caramel pecan apple popcorn

Balsamic Caramel Apple Popcorn – Oh my goodness, where have you been all of my life! I have to give the credit to Jane over at Emerald & Ella Blog for this amazing little treat.

Here is her recipe straight from her blog:

      • 1 x 85g bag microwave popcorn (cheating I know! but you are welcome to make your own with vege oil in a saucepan)
      • 1 cup chopped dried apple
      • 1/2 cup chopped toasted pecans
      • 125g butter, chopped
      • 3/4 cup caster sugar
      • 2 tablespoons honey
      • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
      • pinch sea salt flakes

Line a large baking tray with baking paper. Cook popcorn according to manufacturers instructions. Tip into a large bowl, add the apple and pecans and set aside.

Combine butter, sugar, honey and balsamic in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Bring to the boil. Cook, without stirring, for 5 minutes or until the caramel mixtures thickens slightly and changes colour to a darker brown.

Pour caramel mixture over popcorn and stir until well coated. This can take a minute or two. Spread over prepared tray. Sprinkle with sea salt. Set aside to cool. Break into pieces to serve.


So I popped my own popcorn in my popcorn maker, and used some dried apple I made in my dehydrator. I think I will actually make it with fresh apple next time and just be sure that it is all going to be eaten fresh and not stored. I think this would give it a nice fresh bite. And I accidentally didn’t stir my caramel through and just drizzled it over the top of my caramel but it is still delicious and I have already gobbled up too much of it. And I have the sticky keyboard as I type to prove it.

Is this the sort of flavour combination you would love?

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