Giant Cupcake Smash!

1st giant cupcake smashYou know those moments when you really feel like some cake. Those times you close your eyes and picture a big gooey decadent cake that is all just for you. You imagine having a big giant cupcake with mounds of soft fluffy icing and just scoffing it down – nom nom nom. But no respectable adult would do this. Right? Instead, if you are lucky to have a stash of cupcakes, you satisfy yourself by delicately eating a small cupcake and wiping the crumbs with a napkin. Unfortunately there is a short window in life when it is ok to grab and smash your birthday cake and I think your first birthday is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Giant Cupcake

For our Miss 1 I made a giant cupcake with a silicone cake mould that had been sitting in the cupboard waiting for a special occasion. The cake was pretty in pink with a smattering of butterflies on top. Awww.

giant cupcake smash

We sang happy birthday and then just left the cake sitting there in front of her. At first, she just stared at it, not quite sure what to do. She looked at us, looked at the cake, looked at us … Then she saw the butterflies and delicately picked a couple off and nibbled on them. All of a sudden she had a taste of the icing and realised that we weren’t stopping her so she grabbed a tiny fistful of it and smooshed it into her little smiling face. By the time she actually got to the cake she had icing and crumbs everywhere and everyone else had joined in too. Thankfully we had laid down a plastic mat so the mess was slightly contained. We all pretended we were one. Miss (almost) 4 was giggling hysterically with a mouthful of cake while mum and dad broke chunks of cake off and licked icing from our fingers.

cake smash

When was the last time you smashed a giant cupcake?


Soon after we had a rainbow chevron birthday party with a rainbow layer cake and a Princess Dolly Varden Cake!

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