Princess Dolly Varden Cake

princess dolly-varden cake

Every little girl at some stage in their life will have had a princess dolly varden cake. This is what my daughter asked for her 4th birthday and without thinking I of course said yes. Then I had to figure out how to do it. I don’t have a dolly varden tin and didn’t really want to fork out a heap of cash for something I would only use a few times. I also don’t have a pudding steamer. But I do have a giant cup cake pan and it just so happened to look to be the right shape for me to turn it into a dress. Here is how I did it and some easy tips.

So I made 2 chocolate cake mixes and used it to make 2 giant cupcake bases, a top and a small cupcake, with a little bit of mixture left over. With a little trimming and a nice thick layer of icing it began to look like a dress. The next challenge was to get the doll in the middle. I didn’t want to pull her legs off or traumatise my daughter by seeing a doll cut in half , so I cut a hole in the centre of my cake and scooped out the filling with a long handled spoon. I wrapped my Barbie doll in plastic wrap from her waist down to protect her from the cake and icing. On her top I wrapped a piece of pink material around her for her dress and I made a crown out of a sparkly silver pipe cleaner and a few sequins. I gently pushed her in to the centre of the cake, being careful not to crack the outer layers. She was still a little tall so I had to pipe some more icing around her waist to finish the dress off. She was then decorated with some icing flowers, silver cachous and a bit of decorated piping.

There isn’t really anywhere to put candles on a princess dolly-varden cake so I made a small cupcake with some of the cake mix and iced it the same as the dress to sit beside her.

When my daughter saw her princess dolly varden cake and her face lit up with wonder and she smiled at me and told me thank you, I melted. It was all worth it. She loved her cake and I was happy.

Cake Sliced



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